(Minghui.org) Recently, more than ten practitioners' attachments were taken advantage of by secret agents, and they established a so-called "temple" in an apartment near a university in Beijing, and they made up a nice sounding claim of helping people to realize their predestined relationships. They put up several Buddha and Bodhisattva statues in the apartment and took turns watching the statues. They told practitioners and everyone who believed in Buddha to bow down and kowtow to these statues. They claimed that an alternate body of Master told his family members to do this, some claimed that Master's sister saw things with her celestial eye and had Master's daughter from a previous life do this, and some claimed that Master's daughter is personally taking charge of this issue, so on, so forth. This affected some local practitioners because of their attachments. It has been learned that there are practitioners visiting the apartment and bowing down to the statues on a daily basis, especially during the first and fifteenth of the lunar month. Encouraged by secret agents, some practitioners are planning to make an official seal, claiming that it is to be used during the "transfer of power after the redress." They also asked for money from practitioners who went to visit. So far it is known that there have been cases of practitioners paying between 20,000 to 30,000 Yuan, and some paying more than 100,000 Yuan. In these past few years, many Dafa disciples around the world have lived very frugal lives in order to save money to expose the evil and stop the persecution, meanwhile, these practitioners are obsessively and misguidedly spending money on things that have to do with political power. Genuinely cultivating Dafa disciples would know at a glance that the above-described words and actions are blatantly violating Dafa's requirements for Dafa disciples, and they are a severe case of misleading the public and undermining the Fa.

During the past few years of persecution, Master's whole family has moved to North America to continue cultivating. In order to prevent some practitioners with strong ordinary people's attachments from following others' words instead of regarding the Fa as the teacher, Master's family had stopped communication with anyone in Mainland China a long time ago. However, because a group of practitioners have not gotten rid of their ordinary people's mentalities even after a long time, they have served as easy targets for secret agents who try to manipulate practitioners and spread deception among practitioners. They are attached to their human feelings for Master, want to show off that they have better access to information than others, are attached to selfishness--their attachments of fear, worshipping of supernormal abilities, and attachments to money and material wealth and reputation are still there--they always want to create something new or take a shortcut, everything except solidly following Master's requirement to do well in the "Three Things". Haven't secret agents caused us enough huge losses and painful lessons in these past few years? Why didn't these practitioners admonish themselves when they saw those types of things? Do they really know what they are actually doing, and are they being responsible to themselves and others? Do they regard Dafa as the top priority in their hearts? Or are they more interested in things in ordinary society? Come to your senses!

The secret agents who interfere with and undermine cultivation will go down to hell for sure and receive karmic retribution in this lifetime; however, whenever something like this happens, for all of the practitioners who were involved, all of you bear undeniable, major responsibilities. You should immediately let go of the attachment to self, and solemnly reflect on this issue and look at yourselves. The Fa has a higher requirement for Fa rectification period Dafa disciples than during the period of individual cultivation. We can only continue to improve when we do well in all three of the things that Master requires of us, otherwise instead of improving, we will drop in level. Clarifying the truth and saving the world's people is the historic mission of Fa rectification period Dafa disciples. Saving people is something that builds up an immeasurable amount of virtue, and by the same principle, ruining a person, in particular a practitioner who has already attained the Fa and begun cultivation, will result in an incredibly enormous amount of karma. For the sake of attachments to something among ordinary people, you are moved by these things today and seeking something else tomorrow--doing anything but fulfilling Master's requirement of "letting go of human attachments"--are these the state of mind, words, and actions of genuinely cultivating disciples? Your attaining the Fa was not a recent thing, and as Fa rectification of the human world is imminent, you still don't know the reason for cultivating in Dafa and how to cultivate! If you still don't awaken, you will not only lose the last opportunity to make up for your actions and cultivate your way back, you will also interfere with and ruin even more practitioners and people with predestined relationships. No being can afford to pay for those grave consequences. Have you stopped to think about this calmly and clearly?

Master has explicitly told us in his 1996 scripture "Cultivation Practice is Not Politics" (Essentials for Further Advancement), "Other than doing a good job with his work, a cultivator will not be interested in politics or political power of any sort; failing this, he absolutely isn't my disciple." "Never get involved in politics," "Never get involved in politics, nor interfere with state affairs. Truly cultivate and become benevolent. Keep Dafa pure, unchanged, and indestructible like diamond, and it will thereby exist forever" ("Dafa Will Forever be Pure Like Diamond", Essentials for Further Advancement). Restoring Dafa's reputation or not is a matter of ordinary people positioning themselves in facing the truth, and not something that cultivators should be attached to. We simply do well in the Three Things Master requires of us with a persistent, solid and pure mind. (The three things are studying the Fa and improving our character, clarifying the truth to save the world's people, and sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil.) Worldly power has nothing to do with Dafa cultivation, so why should you worry about any so-called "transfer of power"? Once the redress actually happens, the persecution will end and everyone's position will be fixed. With this type of character, where will you end up? In the past few years, the cultivation environment in Beijing has been severely disrupted. Many practitioners in Beijing have strong ordinary people's mentalities and fears, which is one of the main reasons why the Fa rectification situation in Beijing is lagging behind many other regions. In the present situation and at the center of the evil, you go to the same place one after another to so-called "realize predestined relationships," yet the police don't step in to interfere. Do you really think that this is because you're more "vigilant" than everyone else? Or is it because what you are doing is not upright, and those evil people are using you to fulfill their insidious plans? The remaining elements of the old forces and the dark minions and rotten demons they have arranged will continue to do wicked things up until the last instant when they are completely disintegrated, and their main persecution targets are precisely practitioners who still have strong ordinary people's attachments. Those special agents are creating pit traps for you--are you so willing to leap into them? Do you really think that once an ordinary person kowtows to a Buddha or Bodhisattva, he can enter the next historic period without understanding the truth? Can you decide on the standard that Fa-rectification has established for all beings?

No matter who it is, everyone came for the Fa. Some came to play a positive role, and there are also some who the old forces arranged to play negative roles. Master has suffered countless hardships and is giving people the benevolence and the chance that have never existed before in history, giving the greatest effort to save all sentient beings, including those who play positive roles and those who were arranged to play negative roles. But in the end, how each person walks his or her own path, whether or not they will be saved, and what their final result will be--these can only be decided by each person's own choices and actions. Whether a person can be responsible for himself during this fleeting historic moment and whether he truly wants to be saved is a decision that has to be made by each being through his own rational thinking. Becoming a demon that undermines the Fa is also a choice--it is a tragic and extremely stupid choice, as it means the complete negation and destruction of that being itself.

Anyone, no matter who he thinks he was or who other people have told him he was in the past, if they can't cultivate well by taking the Fa as teacher in this life while Master is teaching Dafa, he will forever lose this opportunity to return to their true original selves. If they ruin other practitioners and ordinary people while destroying themselves, they will have to shoulder the enormous sin and karma created through their own actions. There is a proverb among ordinary people, "One misstep turns into an eternity of regret; looking back, ten thousand mountains have already gone by." The old forces have created barrier after barrier for Fa rectification period Dafa disciples to mislead practitioners and cause them to fail midway, in order to prove that they are "right" and to get what they want through Fa rectification. The path that we can take is very narrow, but Master has already pointed out the only righteous path for us. Fa rectification period Dafa disciples must walk the path righteously, and only through walking the path righteously will we reach Consummation and enter the future. Awaken! Don't let your mind run wild anymore, and put your mind and energy into truly doing the three things well in accordance to the Fa's requirements!

Since this incident took place in Beijing, it is hoped that all Dafa disciples in Beijing will really look at themselves according to the requirements in Master's scriptures and look for shortcomings in their character and actions, give up ordinary people's mentalities and forge ahead diligently, and at the same time, everyone please send forth righteous thoughts a lot to directly cleanse themselves, cleanse the environment, and eliminate the interference. Encountering difficulties during truth clarification will be unavoidable. The environment is good in some other regions because the local practitioners established such an environment together amidst hardship over the years. Only by walking the path righteously amidst tribulations can Fa rectification period Dafa disciples establish mighty virtue and go towards Consummation--there are no shortcuts in cultivation. Let us establish a good environment for cultivation and truth clarification together by relying on each person's righteous thoughts and righteous actions in studying the Fa well, sending forth righteous thoughts well, and clarifying the truth well, and seize our time to save the world's people.

Original Chinese written on December 8, 2004