(Clearwisdom.net) Following are a few short stories validating the goodness of Falun Dafa from Qingdao City'.

1. A Falun Gong practitioner who worked at Chengyang Town, the Chengyang District in Qingdao City picked up a wallet at a market early one morning. The wallet contained 1,356 Yuan cash (about 1 to 2 months salary for the average Chinese employee'). The practitioner stayed at the place and waited until the owner returned to pick it up. The owner was a middle-aged woman. She said gratefully, "There are not many good people like you nowadays."

2. There is an older woman in her 70's. In recent years her health wasn't good. Her back, chest, and mouth felt hot, she had bowel problems and drank a lot of water every day. Many diseases caused her so much pain that she felt like jumping into a dirty ditch. A Falun Gong practitioner told her, if you often recite in your mind, "Falun Dafa is great" you will get healthy. The woman did as suggested and soon after, her bowel problems were solved and she felt physically comfortable. She gained weight and can now take care of her daily life's things herself.

3. One of my neighbors is also a practitioner. He has been cultivating for one and a half years. Around March 2004, while he worked, a small broken glass fragment became embedded in his eye. The length of the glass fragment was 5 millimeters. After one night's sleep the glass fragment miraculously came out of the corner of his eye by itself.

4. In 1998, a woman suffered chronic headaches whenever she was angry. Additionally, she suffered a slight carbon monoxide poisoning. She had to stay in bed to recover. After cultivating Falun Gong, within one month her headaches disappeared. Now she has a healthy body and can do much heavy work.

5. In 1994 I had suffered a strange disease. It was without any pain, itching or discomfort, but my body simply felt weak. After over 40 packets of Chinese medicine and more than 1,000 Yuan in expenses my body had recovered for a while. But in June 1996, the sickness returned. I rode my bicycle home after work then. Getting off the bike my legs were so weak than I knelt on the ground, wearing a hole into my pants. Since then I could no longer go to work and the condition got worse. My left eye-lid lost feeling and hung there; my eyes were crossed, my mouth was crooked, my voice was not clear and I could not lift my arms. It was even difficult for me to wash my face. My head felt heavy. When I sat I had to use my arms to rest against my legs, to support my chin in the sitting position. Only in this way could I sit for a while; yet it had to be against a wall. I did not have enough strength to eat. When it got severe, I could only dip a few crackers in water to eat. I used to be slightly fat, but at the time the disease had tortured me into a slim skeleton.

I made many trips to all of the large hospitals in Qingdao City. At last it was diagnosed as late stage thymoma (a type of round chest tumor close to chest arteries). The size was about 4.0X3.0X6.0 centimeter, and it was closely attached to the chest wall. Doctors said open chest surgery was required, but in the past such operations were all unsuccessful. After the surgery it was necessary to make a permanent opening to install a breathing tube at a helper cost over 10,000 Yuan. So they suggested for me going to Beijing for the surgery.

I was in complete despair. Even if I exhausted all of our family assets, I couldn't afford the surgery. The little child still needed to be taken care of. I didn't want to die like that. Later I was hospitalized in the Qingdao Hospital. I felt that the road of a human life was so pitiful, so I often cried out loud. My hair was almost all gone from radiation and chemotherapy. Half an hour before each meal I needed to take four prescription pills so I could chew; if I drank a little more water it would flow out from my nose and mouth. For two and a half years I tried many different Chinese medicines, Western medicines and alternative treatments. It cost a lot of money but I could not recover. I also often caught cold or felt stomach discomfort.

Fortunately, in June 1998 I acquired Falun Dafa. Without knowing how, my two uterine tumors (5.5x5.1x4.2 and 3.2x3.1x2.2 centimeters) were gone. After many years of dizziness in my head and eyes, I was cured. I no longer caught a cold. 'From a useless, sick person I had become a very healthy, joyful and fortunate person. I am also capable to perform heavy work. My neighbors and villagers saw my change, and all said Falun Gong was miraculous. They too started to learn Falun Gong.

I remember before the crackdown, in 1998 on my way to a practice site, I thought that I coughed so severely that I would affect other people's practice. To my surprise, I did not cough at all (there were about 8 or 9 people at the practice) at the practice site. I was shocked that there was such great gong and exercise. I made up my mind and decided that I must cultivate to the end.

It was the Great Master who gave me my second life. Master did not ask me for one penny. Even if it would take my whole life long, I could not repay Master's saving graciousness.

November 1, 2004