Master's Fa Taught in the International Teleconference

The book1 does a certain amount to expose the evil's persecution of Dafa students and to save people. You can publish it in ordinary society, enthusiastically spread it among everyday people, or publish it in installments on certain websites meant for the public. However, don't promote it among our students so as to avoid causing them disruption. Nothing should interfere with how students progress towards Consummation and validate the Fa.

As far as its content goes, many passages in the book were written with human attachments. We absolutely cannot promote among students somebody's being attached to writing a book to expose the persecution and for that purpose being transformed by the evil. Do you know what "transformation" means? In fact, what Gods see is: the person got out of there to expose the evil because she could no longer endure it, and her pursuit of getting out was really an attachment that she wasn't able to let go. Under absolutely no circumstance should a Dafa disciple be transformed by the evil--even if it's to expose the persecution. Besides, exposing the persecution is not the ultimate purpose of a Dafa disciple's cultivation. So we cannot have other students who haven't completely removed their human attachments follow suit, and even less so should the book be promoted among students on the websites for students.

Cultivation is a solemn thing. I want you to cultivate into gods, and in that process you are able to validate the Fa. That is why I have imparted the Dafa to you, and why I have given you unprecedented, eternal glory. It is not to have you simply become a hero among everyday people in counteracting the persecution. Rather, it is to have you validate the Fa while negating the old forces' arrangements and opposing the persecution, and to, through this, progress towards godhood.

Li Hongzhi
January 19, 2004

1 Translator's note: A reference to a certain book published by a Dafa practitioner. Future Clearwisdom articles will discuss this book and relevant matters in greater detail.

Last updated: January 25, 2004.

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