(Clearwisdom.net) September 26 report: Dafa practitioner Ms. Sun Shouqi, 56 years old, lived in Dingzhou City, Hebei Province. She had been detained at the Chengbei Detention Center in Dingzhou City since April 2002. On June 1, 2003, she held a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. On June 3, police carried her away. When she came back, there was a wound on her finger over one inch long, exposing the bone. She was incontinent of urine and could not speak. She was hospitalized the same evening and passed away at 11:00 a.m. on June 4, 2003. The following are the details:

In the afternoon of April 24, 2002, a policeman from Xicheng District Police Station in Dingzhou City led a few men dressed in civilian clothes. They went to Zhang Lanzhu's home in the Group Luzhuangzi area where Dafa practitioner Sun Shouqi rented a room. They ransacked Sun Shouqi's things but didn't find anything. They took Sun Shouqi to Xicheng District Police Station. After hearing the news, Sun Shouqi's brothers went to the police department and asked for Sun, but the police refused to release her. They forcibly sent her to the Chengbei Detention Center (The detention center and custody center of Dingzhou City are located in the same place), where she has been detained ever since.

In the morning of June 1, 2003, the detention center authorities ordered Dafa practitioners to step outside while they conducted an "inspection." The authorities went inside and ransacked the practitioners' stuff. They threw everything on the ground, including the bedcovers, instant noodles, milk powder and other food and non-food items. (Dafa practitioners are not given enough food in the detention center, so they are forced to buy overpriced food from the detention center with money sent by their families.) The perpetrators stomped on the practitioners' belongings. They took away Master's articles. Dafa practitioners who tried to stop them from taking the articles were brutally beaten.

The practitioners began a hunger strike in the morning and asked to talk to the city government officials. Later, the perpetrators said to the practitioners, "If you eat, we'll talk." Some practitioners began to eat, but the perpetrators ignored them. Around 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on June 3, some police broke into the room where practitioner Sun Shouqi was detained (Sun Shouqi had been holding a persistent hunger strike) and carried her away by force. Another practitioner, Ms. Ji, jumped on Sun Shouqi to cover her in an attempt to keep her from being taken away, but there were too many police officers and they took Sun away.

Sun Shouqi came back after a long time, aided by other people. Her right hand was wrapped in gauze. When she unwrapped the gauze, a wound more than one inch long was revealed. Her bone was exposed and blood kept dripping from her hand. She told us that they tried to give her an intravenous injection. Over a dozen police officials and Liu Jianying, the head of the police department, pinned her down and tried to give her an injection. In order to continue the hunger strike and to protest the illegal long-term detention, Sun Shouqi struggled and wouldn't let them do it. An individuals named He, the detention center head, pulled one of Sun Shouqi's hand over on the bed and sat on it. Sun Shouqi immediately felt excruciating pain and shouted, "Move over, my hand is about to break!" He said, "That's exactly what I want! To break you hand!" Another detention center head Zhang Geng, pinned Sun Shouqi's head down and banged it against the wood plank on the bed. They tried hard and sweated heavily. Sun Shouqi protested as she said to Liu Jianying, "You wrote the detention warrant. You said it's only a half-month detention! Now how many half-months has passed since then? Don't you give me injections! I won't drink a sip of water or eat a grain of rice from you."

After she said this, Sun Shouqi lost the ability to speak. She pointed at the spot on the bed where she slept, and later we realized that she became incontinent of urine from torture, and she didn't want to soil the other people's bed sheet. She couldn't speak and her mouth foamed. We immediately notified the detention center authorities who called the prison doctor. The doctor said coldly, "Now it's your turn to speak." Later, when they saw Sun Shouqi was on the verge of death, they called a doctor from a regular hospital who took Sun's temperature. Between 9:00-10:00 p.m., they carried Sun Shouqi away on a stretcher.

Sun Shouqi entered the hospital at 1:00 a.m. on June 3, 2003 and died at 11:00 a.m. on June 4 at the age of 56.

Sun Shouqi's husband, Rong Xiao, practiced Falun Gong before. His home phone number is 86-312-2565088.

Related phone numbers of responsible units and individuals:

Dingzhou City Detention Center Head: Zhang Gengshen, 86-312-2353188
Address: Dingzhou Shengli Bus Factor, Hebei Province
Custody Center Head: Li Junku, 86-13091239592 (cell)
Custody Center Office: 86-312-2581444, 86-312-2327119
Political Head: A person named He

Dingzhou City Police Department
Liu Jianying, Liu Shaoping
Ma Tiezhu, 86-13933228192
Li Tiezhu
Cui Yuliang: 86-13931352903
Lu Shujun: 86-13932237000