This letter just represents some of my thoughts and they may not be correct.

Recently I have read some articles discussing why our lawsuit against Jiang was dismissed. In my opinion, no matter what reasons there may be, as Dafa disciples, we are all responsible for such an occurrence. As I see it, the key reason is that we failed to take advantage of the lawsuit and clearly clarify the truth.

Since October 22, 2002, the lawsuit has been going on for nearly one year. However, people who know about the lawsuit are still very few in China. I feel this is mainly because the majority of practitioners in China did not pay enough attention to this matter.

For the past year, I have frequently met and shared experiences with fellow practitioners. Every time when we met, be it a short meeting or a long one, none of us had ever talked about the lawsuit, not to mention how to clarify the truth centering around this matter.

Maybe every Dafa disciple has a different understanding on how to clarify the truth. Recently some practitioners proposed that we clarify the truth in a deeper and more comprehensive manner, focusing more on displaying the wonderfulness of Dafa to the world. Personally I think this is a good suggestion. However, when people are still being deceived by the lies such as the so-called self-immolation, how much chance is there that they will believe in the wonderfulness of Dafa? "Self-immolation hoax" and "lawsuit against Jiang" are like two bombs loaded on the evil head. If either of the two things gets known to the general public, the evil will be destroyed. However, many people still do not even know the truth of the self-immolation, not to mention the lawsuit. The main body of Dafa disciples is in China. If the main body can't clearly clarify the truth, no matter how hard overseas practitioners work, the effect will still be limited.

Some practitioners commented that the news report on the dismissal of the lawsuit by the Chinese state-run media is in fact advertising the news of the lawsuit for us and that people in China now all know about the lawsuit. In the Internet chat rooms, one can find many people questioning the government's news report on the lawsuit. However, viewed from another perspective, if we have to rely on the government's report to help spread the news that Jiang has been sued overseas, isn't that suggesting that we haven't done enough? Every time when the Chinese government fabricates propaganda against Dafa, more people will be poisoned because not every one has the ability to think about the propaganda carefully.

Under the influence of the false propaganda in China, many people already have a very deep misunderstanding of Dafa.

Teacher said in Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference, "All beings have a side of them that's aware, but they also have a side that's unaware. A person's human surface in this world, which coexists in this world alongside Dafa disciples, is exactly the part that's unaware. And when it comes to that unaware part, as it fights to benefit itself in the human world postnatally, [the person's] mind is filled with bad factors."

Because people still have a side that's unaware, they don't know the truth of Dafa, and can't view things rationally. Also the past several years' of propaganda has made them think we're involved in politics. With the dismissal of the lawsuit, we can't rule out the possibility that some people may be even more deceived after learning the news. Therefore we are facing an even greater task of clarifying the truth.

Above is just a bit of understanding of mine.

On a separate note, I would like to talk about some other issues.

Starting this March, I have been thinking about one thing: it would be really nice if we can put together a film that can further clarify the truth centering on the lawsuit matter. In the film, we may broadcast the news of the lawsuit, the crimes Jiang has committed against Dafa, responses to the lawsuit from people and governments of the world, and the progress of the lawsuit.

I would also like to talk about my opinion on the tragedy that happened around April this year, in which six Dafa practitioners were tortured to death in a straightjacket in Shibalihe Labor Camp in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. In July, some local practitioners mentioned to me that nearly half of the practitioners in Zhengzhou City haven't stepped forward to validate the Fa. Many practitioners have been experiencing various tribulations at home, severely affecting their Fa-validation. There was a practitioner who once went to Tiananmen to appeal, but had since been tightly monitored by his family members. He did not even dare to visit their neighbors openly. In May and June, a Dafa truth-clarification material production site was destroyed. One practitioner was arrested and under pressure he confessed to the police about another 9 practitioners working at the material production site, which led to their arrest. Therefore, for a long time there has not been enough supply of truth-clarification materials. People are still being deceived there.

Teacher said in Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference, "The students in regions that have been severely persecuted, or in places that have been seriously damaged, should really think about it: what's really going on?"

I think Teacher's words have explained the reason why people in Zhengzhou area are still being deceived.

I hope I did not take up too much of your time.

(Name omitted)