The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) control of all media created quite a stir in the case of some panhandlers that were murdered in Zhejiang Province. Once again, the authorities manipulated a mental patient, the homicide suspect, Chen Fuzhao, to fabricate lies claiming his involvement with Falun Gong. On the Party's anniversary at the beginning of July, Xinhua News Agency highlighted the murder story, which was ridiculed by readers and viewers around the country right way due to its self-contradictions. A few days ago CCTV's "Focus Topic" program also aired its own version of the homicide case that was completely different from that of Xinhua News Agency. Compared with the previous one, the updated version is even more absurd.

The TV station's website CCTV.com posted a news story on July 14, in which the authorities quoted Chen's words claiming he started to practice so called "Anti-Cultivation" meaning "No Truth, No Compassion and No Tolerance" in May of this year and started poisoning some beggars. It is well known to the public that cultivators of Falun Gong follow "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance," the principles of Falun Dafa. CCTV cooked up "No Truth, No Compassion and No Tolerance" and manipulated a mental patient to attach these labels to Falun Gong.

In line with CCTV's latest invention, Chen could have claimed he used to be a Buddhist believing in Precept, Samadhi, Wisdom," but he had to poison the beggars to practice "No Precept, No Samadhi and No Wisdom" since May of this year. Therefore, it would be the fault of Buddhism.

Likewise, Chen could also have claimed he was a citizen that abided by the law, but he had to violate the law from May this year through poisoning the beggars, so it was all the law's fault.

The two different versions of the murder story apparently are nothing but empty fabrications for feeding Jiang's appetite to defame Falun Gong, regardless of the facts, as usual. It's hard to believe that even the writers of these stories themselves would think the people would buy this string of lies.