(Clearwisdom.net) The following is the summary of a discussion a group of practitioners held regarding activities on July 20th in Washington, D.C., for everyone's reference.

The Washington, D.C. activities this year were not regular annual activities, but an inevitability and necessity for the Fa-rectification process. In these activities, Dafa practitioners will be at the center of the international political scene and media, the U.S. capital, Washington, D.C. to bring the prime culprit, Jiang Zemin, to justice for persecuting Falun Gong. After four years of persecution, in front of Freedom Plaza and the Congress of the United States, these activities have profound meaning.

This public mock trial in Washington, D.C. is different from the court case in Chicago, and also different from others that we performed in the past. This is going to embody the great trial by Dafa practitioners against Jiang in the human world. It is a magnificent historic event, carried out during the process of Master rectifying the Fa and Dafa practitioners validating Dafa, clarifying the truth, disclosing the evil and purging the remaining evil factors remaining in other dimensions.

From the great parade in Hong Kong against Article 23, we have more profoundly realized that the ordinary people's society depends on us to lead. When our hearts are in the right place, truly negate any arrangement by the evil old forces from the bottom of our hearts, truly clarify the truth and save people with a pure mind, without any thoughts of depending on ordinary people to do Fa-rectification, the matter would turn around and turn out well. Similarly, this event will play a role to clarify the truth more widely and deeply for the legal procedure against the head of evil and his followers.

Washington, D.C. is the center of international politics and a focal point for the media. Almost every government in the world has an embassy there; the media from every country have a center there. So, in order to better break the blockade and arrangements of the old forces, we need the coordinated hearts and efforts of Dafa practitioners from all regions.

This time, Dafa practitioners from all over the world will converge on Washington, D.C., which opens a space for us to reveal our hidden potential and our coordinated strength as a whole. We hope the practitioners who come to Washington, D.C. to participate in these activities will not only join the already arranged agendas, but also actively use their own wisdom and initiative to contact the predestined people or groups related to this undertaking, to explain the truth and offer these people salvation. We suggest that practitioners from each country actively contact their embassy and media of their country during their stay in Washington, D.C., visit them and bring the facts about Dafa to them.

Practitioners from the U.S. can also contact their congressmen and congresswomen, visit their offices in Washington, D.C., and tell them our purpose for this trip and facts about Dafa. Additionally, in order to break the media blockade arranged by the old forces, we suggest that everyone review their own cultivation experience of the past several years, write down their most unforgettable stories and send these to the local and Washington DC's media. We believe that when all Dafa practitioners' strengths merge into an undivided one, the barrier of the old forces will be broken.

Let's take the opportunity provided by these Washington, D.C. activities to more deeply and widely clarify the truth and rescue people. In Washington, D.C., government offices, non-governmental organizations, embassies and businesses are all concentrated on a few streets and around a few squares and parks. For example, major government offices are on Pennsylvania Avenue, Constitution Avenue, Independence Avenue or around Freedom Plaza. Embassies of most countries are located on "Embassy Row," around Massachusetts Avenue, side by side or around Dupont Park; non-governmental organizations, labor union offices and many corporate business offices are located on K St. In the downtown area, lunchtime from 11:30a.m.until 1:30 p.m. is a great time to explain the facts to pedestrians.

This time we have planned to arrange for a number of practitioners to distribute Dafa literature to those people in Washington, D.C. who are responsible for various assignments. Let every practitioner who comes to Washington, D.C. contact more predestined people, thereby making a great step toward complete breaking the blockade of the old forces, and at the same time help every Dafa practitioners to better strive forward better on the cultivation way of the righteous Fa.

July 17, 2003