Ms. Zhou Shuzhen is a practitioner from the Wanghutai Village of Nuerhe Township of Taihe District in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. The police from Nuerhe Police Station kidnapped her to the First Detention Center of Jinzhou City. She has been on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. She now suffers brutal force-feeding in Jinzhou Central Hospital. We sincerely hope that fellow practitioners who learn her situation from this news help to eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts. We also hope that Ms. Zhou's family members refuse to cooperate with the evil and go to the Central Hospital to request the release of Ms. Zhou.

Practitioner Ms. Sun Linghua, a former officer at the Yi County Court in Jinzhou City, was taken to the Second Detention Center of Jinzhou by the police from the National Security Section of Jinzhou City Public Security Bureau in early June, 2003. She had been sentenced to forced labor and sent to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp prior to this arrest. That time she went on a hunger strike against the persecution and the Masanjia Labor Camp refused to accept her when she was found to have "coronary heart disease" in a health examination. She was then allowed to serve the sentence outside of the labor camp. This time the police attempted to send her to labor camp again. Ms. Sun protested the persecution with another hunger strike. Mashanjia Labor Camp again refused to accept her. She has been sent to the Jinzhou Central Hospital and force-fed in Room 906 of the Circulatory Internal Medicine Section of this hospital.

Mr. Liu Yongsheng, a practitioner from Yi County of Jinzhou City, was sent to labor camp for the second time for clarifying truth to the public. He is currently locked up in the Second Section of Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp. He has suffered cruel tortures due to his refusing to sign a "Reform Statement" that indicates that the signed person agrees to give up Falun Gong.