Deputy Police Chief Zhao Baozhu, in Quzhou County, Hebei Province is in charge of persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. Since June he has been directing the police in all villages and townships to madly persecute practitioners.

Police in Huaiqiao Village illegally ransacked practitioners' homes and arrested them under the direction of the village police Chief Bu Liankun. Police turned practitioner Ms. Li Qiaolian's home upside down, kidnapped her, and illegally sentenced her to two years in a forced labor camp.

Ms. Li Meilian has been illegally arrested several times and was forced to stay away from home to avoid further persecution. The police stationed people outside her house to watch for her. They threatened her family and extorted money from them. The police declared: "We'll send her to the labor camp when we catch her."

Practitioner Ms. Bu Lianzhen was illegally arrested and detained at the town hall by town government personnel using "SARS" as an excuse. They also ransacked her home.

Telephone number of Huaiqiao Village Police Station: 86-310-8732110
Station Chief: Bu Liankun
Station Deputy Chief: Li Yingmin, cell phone 86-13932019176

In the middle of the night on June 6, 2003, Mr. Guan Zhidong, a practitioner at Songzhuang Village in Nanliyue Township, was awakened by the thunderous noise of a wall collapsing. The police from Dahedao Police Station had tumbled down the wall of his home to break in. They forcibly carried him away in a police car. On June 8, they sent him to Handan Labor Camp for a year of forced labor. On June 16, under the direction of Chief Tian Lianhe, the police from Dahedao Police Station went to Guan's house again and forcibly dragged his wife (also a practitioner) away. She was taken directly to Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. Due to her strong righteous thoughts, the labor camp found her "unfit" for admission upon physical examination. After every attempt to persuade the labor camp to take her had failed, the police reluctantly took her back. They detained her in the police station for three days and extorted 200 Yuan* from her.

Dahedao Police Station Chief: Tian Lianhe

Recently, Houcun Town Police Station police have been arresting practitioners day and night, following the lead of Station Chief Niu Mingtang and Li Bin. One day in June 2003, the police kidnapped two practitioners and took them directly to Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. But the labor camp refused to take them because they were running a fever when being admitted. The police forced the practitioners to have their temperatures read again with the thermometers wrapped in a wet towel. The practitioners told the doctor about it and the doctor refused to admit them. The police reluctantly took them back but continued to detain them at their local facility. The two practitioners then went on a hunger strike in protest. The police forced fed them and tortured them. Later they escaped using their righteous thoughts.

At 1:00 a.m. on June 18, 2003, the police came to the village and attempted to kidnap a practitioner. The police arrived on two motorcycles, broke into the practitioner's house, and carried the practitioner away. The wife, seeing what had happened, went to the top floor and yelled: "Help! Robbery!" The neighbors heard the call and came to help her, one carrying a bat in his hand. The villains dropped the practitioner and fled.

Nanliyue Township Police Station recently used various means to arrest practitioners. They kidnapped a practitioner who was working in a field and planned to send him to Handan Labor Camp for a year. But their car broke down so they could not do it. The practitioner's brother (a non-practitioner) sought help and got him released on bail, but was extorted of 5,000 Yuan.

The family of another female practitioner, who had been illegally detained nine times in the past, had been harassed on numerous occasions, and was being extorted of 1,000 Yuan. The police threatened putting her into a labor camp for two years. The police also took away the family portrait under the pretext that they needed it for identification purposes. The practitioner was forced to stay away from home. The police are still trying to capture her.

Under the direction of the Station Chief Gou Zhixiang of Anzhai Town Police Station, the police there have been very aggressive lately, concentrating on arresting Dafa practitioners. So far, seven practitioners have been illegally arrested. The police also went to practitioners' homes many times to extort money from them. Among the seven practitioners, one was extorted of 3,000 Yuan after the police failed an attempt to put her into a labor camp. Three have escaped using righteous thoughts. The remaining three were being taken around by the police, trying to find a detention center that would take them. After being rejected by the detention center in their county, they took them to other counties. Practitioners in the village reported the situation to the party secretary and the director of the village. They went to the township office and asked for the release of the practitioners: "These practitioners were only doing cultivation exercises to improve their health. They did nothing wrong. They should be allowed to go home." But the police station still insisted on detaining them.

Responsible parties:

Quzhou County Deputy Police Chief: Zhao Baozhu, cell phone: 86-13930016191
Houcun Town Police Station Chief: Niu Mingtang, phone of the police station: 86-310-8708330
Anzhai Town Police Station Chief: Gou Zhixiang, phone: 86-310-8943133

* Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.