(Clearwisdom.net May 19, 2003) On May 18, 2003 Sunday afternoon, Singapore Falun Dafa practitioners held a "Road to Health" reception for the public in the auditorium of the Bank of Development. Over the past two months, the SARS epidemic has severely impacted people's lives. When people realized the value of health, they began to think about such questions as: Why does modern science seem so ineffective in the face of the virus? How can people be really healthy?

At this time, Singapore Falun Buddhism Association carefully selected over ten short TV programs that discussed health from different aspects, such as oriental Qiqong practice, Journey of Falun Dafa, "Mystery of Life-- Sensitive Water", "We Tell the Future" and "Falun Gong Exercise Demonstration".

Over two hundred people attended the reception and had a discussion afterwards. The hosts freely gave out many introductory materials about health improvement and Falun Dafa.

The audience felt the programs contained new information and revealed new things to them such as the water crystal experiments that showed that mind and matter are the same. The audience believed that Falun Dafa was very good and it should be promoted more so that more people could benefit from it.