(Clearwisdom.net) After the "Rescue Yoko Kaneko" petition drive in Wakayama City and Wakayama County on April 6 2003, Kinki Area Dafa practitioners continued their efforts to collect signatures in front of Kasatsu Railway Station in Kasatu City, Shiga County, on May 17, 2003.

With the progress of Fa-Rectification and Dafa practitioners' sending forth righteous thoughts, more and more evil has been eliminated, and people are showing their compassionate side more and more.

Some Moving Stories During the Petition Drive

A blind man listened to our audio broadcast about Yoko Kaneko and her being illegally arrested and imprisoned. He walked slowly, following the sound, to our table and told the practitioner, "I want to sign my name. Can you hold my hand to write down the name?" Thus, this blind man made an important choice in his life.

A couple of middle-aged Japanese seemed to have some urgent thing going on. They walked quickly passed the practitioners, took a flyer and entered the railway station. Shortly after, the couple hurried out from the railway station and came up to the practitioners collecting signatures and the man asked, "Can I sign my name?" Maybe his "side that knows" had waited for this moment for a long time.

In the afternoon, two policemen went through a routine check asking the practitioners to show their permit. The policemen listened to the truth and read the materials. They took the initiative to suggest that practitioners collect signatures at another place in Kasatsu City where there were more people so we could collect ten times more signatures. They also kindly gave the practitioners directions to that place.

Many children also signed the yellow signature cloth. Some children signed their own names and then brought their friends to sign. Some children even brought their parents to sign their names.