Li Kun, 66-year-old female Dafa practitioner, was an employee of the Supply and Marketing Cooperation in the western suburb of Wolong District in Nanyang City, Henan Province. She used to suffer from cancer of the uterus. After she took up the practice of Falun Dafa, her illness went away and she became a healthy woman.

In December 1999, Li Kun went to Beijing to appeal against the persecution of Dafa. After she was arrested, she was detained at the Nanyang City's Liaison Office in Beijing before she was picked up by her work unit. After she returned to Nanyang, she was jailed at the Nanyang City First Detention Center (also known as Shangzhuang Detention Center) for one month.

At the end of February 2000, Li Kun went to Beijing to appeal for the second time. After she was arrested and taken back to Nanyang, she was again detained in the Shangzhuang Detention Center for one month. After she was released, because she still firmly cultivated Dafa, her work unit restrained her freedom for several months.

One day in the summer of 2000, Li Kun and her niece were distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials when they were kidnapped by some unidentified people. She was illegally detained for several months. In the autumn of 2000, Li Kun was arrested by the Wolong District Security Brigade while clarifying the truth and she was taken to the Shangzhuang Detention Center. While in detention, she was not allowed to study the Fa or practice the Dafa exercises. Instead, she was forced to do intensive labor work, which led to the recurrence of the cancer in her uterus. After about 9 months of detention, she was on the verge of death. Not wanting to take the responsibility, the police asked her family to take her home at the end of August 2001. In November of the same year, she passed away.

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