(Clearwisdom.net) In the middle of the night last fall, a group of police officers stormed into the home of a female Falun Dafa practitioner (referred to as X from now on) in a small town in northern China, in an attempt to abduct her for brainwashing. Before her husband could finish locking the door, the policemen had already broken into the home and jumped on her husband. They pushed and dragged X's husband (a Falun Dafa practitioner) to the floor, while several other police officers carried X out by her limbs with excessive force. Both X and her husband told them sternly, "You have no right to do this to us!"

The midnight commotion startled their neighbors and quickly attracted a lot of attention. Neighbors surrounded the policemen and condemned them for not going after the real criminals at loose, but wasting their time on harassing good people. As more and more villagers gathered in front of X's home, the police called for backup, trying to scare the crowd away. After more than 30 police officers arrived at the scene, the police tried to pull another practitioner, Y, from his home into their vehicle. The villagers protested and pulled him away from the police officers. At the same time, another group of policemen tried to grab X out of the door again, but she again refused. She sent forth righteous thoughts while asking Teacher for protection: "I will never go to the brainwashing center. The evil shall not persecute me."

Meanwhile, many villagers came to stop the police from abducting practitioner X. At this time, the son of the couple (a non-practitioner) came back and shouted at the policemen, "You cannot take my mother away. Can anyone live without his mother?" The son and the policemen started to wrestle with each other. With the help of the fellow villagers, the three practitioners escaped the police's attempt to arrest them.

After years of our hard work on truth clarification, more and more people are positioning themselves correctly.