(Clearwisdom.net) Below is a true story of how a happy family was broken apart by the Jiang regime's policy of "defaming their reputation, bankrupting them financially, and destroying them physically."

In a small mountain city in northern China, there was a happy family of five for three generations. In the past the husband and the wife had been ill for some time. The wife had severe kidney disease and couldn't work. In 1995, the couple started practicing Falun Dafa and shortly afterwards there was a great improvement in their health. The wife who had been lying in bed returned to her workplace. Through cultivating Dafa, they understood the true meaning of life. Benevolent Master gave them second chances and they became very steadfast in their cultivation. They lived by the standard of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance," thought of other people and became good people.

Since July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin started to persecute Falun Gong, tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners were arrested along with her husband. Under heavy pressure, the wife was forced to make false statements on television against her will. With deep regret and remorse she returned home. Since then whole family has been living in under a cloud of regret.

Right before April 25, 2000, over ten Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested for appealing at the County "610 Office" [a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches]. Her husband was also taken to the police department where he challenged the police by stating: "I didn't go to any place, why did you arrest me??" The police replied "There is no place in China for you to reason, if you desire, you can go see Jiang Zemin and reason with him!"

During his detention, his son was about to take the college entrance exams. His request to the police to release him to avoid causing interference in his son's performance during college exams was denied. Shortly after he was detained, his workplace called a town hall meeting to announce that he had been removed of his party membership and job position. In addition to deprivation of his freedom of belief and personal freedom, his dignity was also severely abused. He forced to wear torture instruments, take finger and palm prints, have personal photos published on the web, head shaved, and videos broadcast on TV of him in chains.

Since 1999, his family and relatives had more than 9,000 Yuan extorted from them [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan], more than 50,000 Yuan of his salary was never paid to him. These numbers did not include the expenses by their family and relatives who tried to buy his way out of detention.

He was released after nearly seven months of illegal, prolonged detention with and both mind and body severely persecuted After only resting for one month at home he hurried back to his workplace. However his small wish to return to work was also deprived. Right before April 25, 2001, the police again deceived him into going to the police department. Considering his aging mother and loving wife, he chose to escape. For nine months, to avoided being captured by the police, he changed name, endured hunger, and lived in the mountains and woods until the police put up a 30,000 Yuan bounty, which caused him to become arrest again.

After her husband left home, the wife and twenty other Dafa practitioners were also illegally detained for going to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. The county party chief who was harshly criticized for this incident started a new round of severe persecution. More than seventy Dafa practitioners were taken from home and sent to detention centers and "reform camps". In the meantime the county police department started a massive manhunt for the husband through the county. About eight or nine relatives had their homes illegally searched. An "Arrest Warrant" was posted all over the county, and a bounty was changed to 50,000 Yuan.

August 3, 2001, the authorities started to harass his wife by forcing her to participate in the public trial for criminal death sentences, even though she was not a criminal nor given any criminal sentence. When she refused to attend, five policemen and other prisoners grabbed her hands, feet and hair and carried her to the courtyard and was pulled into a vehicle and carried to the public trial site. After trial she was dragged to another big truck and forced to stand with criminals that were sentenced to death while it drove around the city as a form public humiliation for criminals who were sentenced to death. The authorities plan to publicly implicate her with criminals sentenced to death was to cause her maximum fear and humiliation. When she was finally pulled off the truck she couldn't stand on her feet and her face was very pale. It was a severe shock to her self-esteem and spirit for being forced to stand along side murders that were to be sentenced to death.

For more than two years in the detention center, she resisted and protested against the persecution,and went on several hunger strikes. She was force-fed many times and her health was becoming worse and worse. Her weight was reduced from 75 kg (165.3 lb.) to less than 40 kg. (88.2 lb.) she was often swollen all over, short of breath, had high blood pressure, had difficulty sleeping and taking in food. Even this didn't stop the persecution. When her husband came to visit her, he saw that she was in a very weak state. Her face was bruised and she had a two inch wide cut on her head.

On August 27 , 2002, she was sentenced to a five-year prison term. On the same day, her husband was brought back from outside the county and was sentenced to two years in labor camp. He refused to sign the paper that notifies him of the labor camp sentence. After his strong insistence, the police allowed him and his wife to see each other once standing on opposite sides of the iron-gate.

While serving his sentence, he didn't know that his aging mother had died six months earlier.

His wife's parents were already in their late seventies. In order to get their daughter released from prison, they endured a great amount of pressure in seeking help. All they got was a five-year sentence to their daughter. When their daughter was near death while in detention center, and was in need of hospital treatment, they were required to pay her medical costs otherwise they were told that their daughter would not be treated, even though the policy says all medical expenses should be covered by the detention center. After both the husband and the wife were arrested, both their workplaces stopped their paychecks, and their two school-attending children had to receive financial assistance from relatives. A happy family was broken apart by the persecution. Currently the wife is still suffering in the prison while the husband was just released after serving two years in prison.