(Clearwisdom.net) In July 2003, the police abducted practitioner Mr. Zhou Zhi from his home. Before this incident, there were other Falun Dafa practitioners who had been abducted as well, they were: Mr. Liu Quan, Ms. Ren Guifen, Mr. Zhang, and others. Zhou Zhi suffered cruel torture for a few days and nights. In order to protest the Benxi City's police's mistreatment, Mr. Zhou Zhi has been on a hunger strike for over four months since he was abducted. Everyday he suffers from violent force-feeding by the police from the detention center. He was tortured until he was very weak, and his condition is very critical.

Earlier this month, the court of Pingshan District in Benxi City was held secretly. The court illegally sentenced Liu Quan and Ren Guifen to 12 years, Zhou Zhi to 11 years and Zhang to 7 years in prison. Among them, Zhou Zhi couldn't walk and had to be supported by two people attending the court. Zhou Zhi, Liu Quan, Ren Guifen fearlessly shouted "Falun Dafa is good" at the trial, and they requested to appeal their case to a higher court. After that, Liu Quan wrote the documents to appeal their case which were confiscated and held by Benxi Detention Center for 2 days. The appealing documents were never sent to the relevant departments but instead were returned to him. The Detention Center claimed that the court rejected his appeal.

It shows that under the Jiang regime's order of "Kill them without mercy" there is no justice for Falun Gong practitioners in China now. The authorities have a police of counting all murders as suicides to cover up their crimes. Benxi police don't even follow normal legal procedures. The methods that the Benxi Forced Labor Camp adopted to persecute Falun Gong practitioners are very vicious. It is hard to imagine the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners during a hunger strike. Zhou Zhi's life is in serious danger due to the fact that he has been on hunger strike for over four months. Falun Dafa practitioners who read this message please send forth the righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors from the Detention Center.

Responsible work units:

Benxi City Pingshan Police Station
Head of the Police Bureau: 86-414-2808826
Office of Political Committee: 86-414-2808001
Deputy Head of the Police Bureau: 86-414-2808018; 86-414-2808006; 86-414-2808166; 86-414-2808868
Assistant to Head of the Police Bureau: 86-414-2808005
Office of Director of Political Section: 86-414-2808055
Office of Discipline Committee Head: 86-414-2808016
Supervisory office (office of person in charge): 86-414-2808065
Supervisory office (Appealing reception office): 86-414-2808060
Office (Manager's office): 86-414-2808066
Political section: 86- 414-2808033
National Security team: 86- 414-2808007
Law Enforcement office: 86- 414-2808020
Criminal Police team (team leader office): 86- 414-2853059
Criminal Police team (Administrative office): 86- 414-2861849
Cuidong Police Station: 86- 414-2822232

Benxi City Police Station Supervisory Team
Team leader office: 86- 414-5892591
Political Committee General Secretary office: 86- 414-5892765
Deputy team leader office: 86-414-5892021; 86-414-5892511; 86-414-890352
Supervisory office: 86-414-2833176
Office of Assistants: 414-2833232
Political Section: 86-414-2833231
Office: 86-414-5890776
Benxi City Detention Center: 86-414-5893619