Division Five of the third sub-camp at the Sanshui Labor Camp in Guangdong Province specializes in persecuting Dafa practitioners. From December 3, 2002 to January 22, 2003, and from March 23, 2003 to September 13, 2003, two "transformation camps" were set up in the second sub-camp to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

This transformation camp is a two-story building with an independent yard, surrounded by high walls, and a solitary confinement cell is 50 meters (about 150 feet) behind the building. Since the building is in a very secluded location, what happens inside is hidden from outsiders.

Dozens of Dafa practitioners were brutally tortured there. Several guards torture one Dafa practitioner. Groups of common inmates who are about to be released work as guards. Four to six inmates, on orders from camp authorities, monitor each practitioner around the clock, and the authorities change the guards every ten days. The guards are to never allow the practitioner to sleep or even take a nap, to squat and not to sit, to take a shower, to wash, to brush their teeth or to go to the restroom. The camp authorities also ordered these guards to brutally beat the practitioners. If the inmates don't follow the authorities' orders to the fullest extent, they themselves are brutally beaten, shocked with electric batons, and their sentences are extended.

Sometimes the guards hang practitioners by their cuffed hands while they pull the handcuffs sideways, so the practitioners' wrists are broken and their flesh torn. One practitioner's shoulder was permanently dislocated and as a result he became disabled. Some guards brutally beat the practitioners. They prick the practitioners' fingertips with toothpicks, burn them with cigarette butts, wrap their head inside a bag and violently slap their faces with the soles of their shoe. The guards also force practitioners to squat in one position for a very long time, resulting in severe foot injuries in many practitioners who are unable to walk months after this torturous abuse.

The guards also force practitioners to stomp on Master's picture. When the practitioner resists, they grab his feet and throw them against the picture on the ground until his feet are swollen. They don't allow the practitioners to go to the restroom unless they agree to read Dafa-slandering words; they don't allow the practitioners to sleep or sit down for half a month or a month at a time, because they think sleep deprivation can weaken the practitioner's will. Afterwards, they throw the practitioner into the solitary confinement cell for another seven to fifteen days. The guards shock the practitioners with electric batons in that cell on a daily basis. Many bugs and mosquitoes are in the room.

Usually, the guards shock practitioners with electric batons three times a day for two to three hours each time. Generally, they start with two batons and add as many as eight. Most of these electric batons are new models that have very high voltage. The guards take sadistic pleasure in torturing the practitioners with electric batons and hit the practitioners all over their body, including their genitals and anus. Some practitioners are burnt all over their body and cannot sit or lie down. Many practitioners are extremely weak and on the verge of death. Many practitioners' terms have expired but the perpetrators refuse to release them.

The guards pack some cotton quilts into a square packet, which is about the same height as a person's extended arms while squatting, and it is quite heavy. The guards handcuff the practitioner's hands and attach them to the quilt packet, so the practitioner can only squat. Then, the guards pull the practitioner's hands sideways and the flesh around the practitioner's wrists immediately tears apart, exposing some practitioners' wrist bones. When the transformation camp was first opened, almost every Dafa practitioner suffered this torture.

Practitioner Mr. Huang Zhufeng was tortured this way. In order to resist the persecution, several days after the torture Huang Zhufeng held a hunger strike. Guard Lu Jinhu shocked Huang Zhufeng's mouth with an electric baton until it became deformed. Lu Jinhu then wrapped Huang Zhufeng's head in a piece of cloth and violently pinched, kneaded and shook Huang Zhufeng's head, until Huang Zhufeng vomited and one of his vertebrae was dislocated. He could not move his head or neck. Even so, Huang Zhufeng's righteous faith in Dafa did not waver. Later, the guards were afraid of taking responsibility, so they sent Huang Zhufeng to the labor camp hospital for treatment.

When Falun Gong practitioners in the Special Brigade protested the torture of Huang Zhufeng, the guards claimed Huang Zhufeng suffered from bone hyperplasia and not from torture. When Huang Zhufeng began to recover, the guards took him back to the camp for additional torture. This time, guard Zhang Wujun used the "packet" torture to pull the packet attached to Huang Zhufeng's hands until Huang Zhufeng's left arm was pulled out of its socket, the tendons around his shoulder bones were torn apart, and his left arm was permanently disabled.

At first, the guards didn't take notice, but several days later they saw that Huang Zhufeng had indeed sustained a serious injury, so they sent him to the labor camp hospital. The doctor said they could not treat such severe damage. They took Dafa practitioner Huang to different hospitals but received the same response. Right now, Huang Zhufeng can only lift his left arm to his chest in front of him, and to a 30-degree angle on his side. He has been detained at the Sanshui Labor Camp since he returned from the hospital in Foshan City. It was learned that his term has expired but the guards refuse to release him, fearing their crime may be exposed.

Practitioner Mr. Lin Fengchi lived in Maoming, Guangdong Province. He was arrested when the transformation camp was first opened. Guards including Zeng Guanhua beat Mr. Lin Fengchi. Later, guard Zeng Guanhua picked four to five tall inmates who were shown the Tiananmen self-immolation videotape made by the government. The guard instilled hatred in these inmates and then ordered them to brutally beat Lin Fengchi. Later, these inmates said they didn't know what was going on at the time, but they had to obey the guards' order, otherwise they themselves would be beaten, shocked with electric batons, and have their sentences extended.

Practitioner Lin Fengchi was thus brutally beaten for more than one hour. His head and body were covered with bruises and he became almost unconscious. At that time guard Zeng Guanhua forced Mr. Lin Fengchi to agree to "reform" and ordered Mr. Lin to repeat whatever he said. Lin Fengchi refused, so Zeng Guanhua ordered the inmates to again beat him. They beat Lin Fengchi during the following four days, but Lin Fengchi didn't compromise. The guards then poured boiling water down Lin Fengchi's neck. As a result, large areas of Lin Fengchi's back and chest were severely burned, but Lin Fengchi could not be persuaded. The guards then ordered the inmates to put salt in his wounds. Several days later, Lin Fengchi's wounds festered and emitted a bad odor, upon which the guards ordered inmates to rub his wounds with toothbrushes. Lin Fengchi, however, broke through this tribulation with powerful, righteous thoughts.

On January 22, 2002, the Sanshui Labor Camp received a secret government order saying the labor camp should immediately be disbanded. That same afternoon, the second sub-camp of the Sanshui Labor Camp was quickly disbanded and Lin Fengchi was transferred to different sub-camp.

When the sub-camp was established for the second time, Mr. Lin Fengchi was again sent there and brutally tortured. At first, the guards deprived him of sleep for about one month. They didn't allow him to sit down so he could only squat in the day and stand at night. They tried to weaken his will this way. Then, they detained him in solitary confinement for 15 days, during which time the guards shocked him three times a day with eight electric batons for two to three hours each time.

Seeing Lin Fengchi's determination in Dafa practice could not be changed, the guards resorted to an even more base method. The weather in Guangdong Province in July and August is extremely hot; the temperature on the cement ground reached more than 70 degrees Celsius (158oF). The guards ordered the inmates to strip Lin Fengchi naked and put him on the cement ground. Four inmates spread out Lin Fengchi's limbs on the ground, and after a while they turn him over to "bake" him on his back. Because Lin Fengchi was still very determined, the guards wrapped him inside a cotton quilt and continued to "bake" him for several hours. Because he was severely dehydrated and his body temperature was extremely high, Lin Fengchi was on the verge of death. Later, the guards sent him to the labor camp hospital for treatment. When his condition improved slightly, the guards took him back to the camp to be further tortured. He still refused to compromise and broke through tribulations with the determined, righteous thoughts of a Dafa disciple.

"If a cultivator can let go of the thought of life and death under any circumstance, evil is sure to be afraid of him." ("Eliminating Your Last Attachment(s)" in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Mr. Xia Xianqiang was from the Chaoshan Region in Guangdong Province. While in the "second-time transformation camp" in the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp he was also deprived of sleep for a long time. Later he held a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The police put him into a solitary room and shocked him with eight electric batons three times a day. Faced with such fiendish torture, he nonetheless maintained his hunger strike for a month. He became extremely weak and his life was in danger, but he still persisted in Dafa and had strong righteous thoughts. When he was sent to the labor camp hospital he continued his hunger strike. When people from the labor camp came to persuade him to eat and asked him why he refused to eat, he said, "It is to protest against the persecution happening to Dafa practitioners." The police finally promised not to torture him if he resumed eating. When Xia Xianqiang recovered somewhat, division head Zhang Qingmei came to the hospital and wanted to take Xia Xianqiang back to the camp. But the hospital administrator refused to sign the transfer document and told Zhang Qingmei, "He is still very weak. His life would be threatened if he went back. I can't let you take him back." On September 13, 2003, when the second-time transformation camp was closed, Mr. Xia Xianqiang was moved to another sub-camp.

Mr. Li Yuandong, from the Dianbai District, Maoming City, Guangdong Province has been through two transformation camps. Each time he was tortured for more than one month. He was not allowed to sleep, was beaten, was put into a solitary room, and suffered electric shocks. However, Mr. Li still kept his belief in Dafa and had strong righteous thoughts. Since he had been held long beyond his term the police had to send him back to the local "610 Office."* The officials from the "610 Office" only let him stay home for five days and then arrested him again. He is currently held in the so-called "The Law Enhancement School of Guangdong Province," actually a brainwashing center.

During the afternoon of September 13, 2003, because of the protest by practitioners and for other reasons, the "second-time transformation camp" at the No. 2 sub-camp for the Sanshui Labor Camp was closed. All the police there came back to the special brigade of the No. 3 sub-camp. Some practitioners were sent to other sub-camps and some went back to the special brigade. The special brigade contains more than 50 practitioners, more than 20 police officers and about 40 other labor camp prisoners who are in charge of monitoring practitioners. The environment is very tense. Deputy brigade head He Xiaodong, who climbed to this position by brutally persecuting practitioners, told the practitioners that if necessary, the "transformation camp of the No. 2 sub-camp" would be re-established. He often threatens practitioners with the savage and evil measures of the transformation camp.

In September 2003, persecutors in the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp in Guangdong Province started another six-month long "brainwashing" class.

Here is a list of names and telephone numbers of police officers in the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp who participated in the persecution of the practitioners.

Special Brigade: 86-757-7314343

Zhang Qingmei: 86-13809254905. Former division head who was in charge of the first and second transformation camp and transferred to another place in July 2003.

Qiu Jianwen: Deputy division head for the second-time transformation camp

Lu Jinhu: Former sub-camp head, deputy head of first-time transformation camp. Transferred to another place in June 2003. Most vicious person!

Fan Qingping: Former administration official. From the beginning of the special brigade to July 2003, he has been persecuting practitioners the longest.

Chen Ruixiong: Former deputy division head, head of the first-time transformation camp; left around June of 2003.

He Xiaodong: Deputy division head; promoted to this position after the first-time camp. Very vicious person!

Zhang Wujun: Administration official, promoted to this position after participating in the two transformation camps. Very vicious person!

Zeng Qingping: Sub-camp head; participated in the first-time transformation camp. Very vicious person!

Zeng Guanhua: Education official; promoted to this position after participating in the second-time transformation camp. Very vicious person!

Zhu Qi: Education official, deputy head of the second-time transformation camp.

Wen Zhiguang: Sub-camp head, participating in the second-time transformation camp. Very vicious person!

Zhou Zehua: Participated in the first-time transformation camp.

Li Qulin: Participated in the first-time transformation camp. Transferred later.

Ma Liming: Deputy head of the labor camp, former division head.

Guo Baosi: Doctor; participated in the two transformation camps.

Tong Chaoyin: Current evil head of the division; party secretary of the division; came to the division in July 2003.

Lei Huiqing: Deputy division head; transferred to the division in July 2003.

Chen Zhiqiang: Political head for the Shansui Forced Labor Camp.

Shi Shan: Political head of the No. 3 sub-camp in the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp.

Luo Yutang: Head of the Shansui Forced Labor Camp.

Liu Dayi, Lai Rufeng, Weng Shengqiang, Ye Xiujia, Liu Guoquan: Participated in the second-time transformation camp.

Yang Yuan, Huang Xiqing, Lin Guotao, He Yujian, Jiang Lin, Qiu Ansheng, Cheng Cheng, Chen Weijia, Chen Zhihao, Zou Junming, Che Kailin, Wang Jialiang, Jiang Hanjing, Zhan Reixiong, Tao Jing, Yang Lianjing, Zhang Xiang, Zhong Qiuliang, Liu Shiman, Wang Haiqing: Transferred in during the second-time transforming camp.

Here are the partial names of people in the government of Guangdong Province who are/were involved in the persecution of the practitioners:

Cheng Zhaoji, Liang Guoju, Zhong Yangsheng, Wang Xudong, Shi Honghui, Zhang Shengqin, Chen Yanqiang

* "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.