(Clearwisdom.net October 7th, 2003) As part of validating the Fa and to save sentient beings in the human world, Dafa disciples have decided to sue Jiang Zemin. The court cited various reasons when it dismissed the case, including that we needed to collect more reliable evidence pertaining to the amount of power and wealth Jiang has amassed as a result of the persecution. However, this should not become the main focus of our attention. We are mistaken if we focus our attention on something only because everyday people say it is in our best interest.

I think that the process of the lawsuit against Jiang illustrates how Dafa disciples establish the correct moral values and concepts for the future humanity. In the process, (the Dafa disciples) further clarify the truth in a deeper and broader way, promote righteous thoughts in society and make further progress towards saving sentient beings and validating Dafa.

The lawsuit against Jiang itself is a process for Dafa disciples to validate Dafa and is definitely not merely an ordinary lawsuit in human society. Therefore, we should not follow the lead of everyday people.