In "Also a Few Words" Master taught us that "However strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is."

In one city, over thirty practitioners who were sharing experiences with each other were reported to the police. Many policemen came and blocked the front door. The back door was stuck because it hadn't been used for many years. Several practitioners tried to push it open but failed. Then a female practitioner in her fifties pushed on the door while calmly saying "Jingang Paishan" (Vajra Toppling a Mountain, part of the Falun Gong exercises). Her hands barely touched the door, yet it suddenly opened. She asked those practitioners to leave through the back door. Soon the police knocked down the front door. The police kidnapped her and locked her up in a big iron cage. Two policemen sat on chairs and watched her.

During that night, she thought, "I shouldn't be here. I have much Fa-rectification work to do out there. I need to get out at once. Handcuffs, I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. You should let me go." All of a sudden, the handcuffs opened by themselves. She rubbed her wrists and silently said to the lock on the cage, "You, the big lock, you should let me out just like the handcuffs did." The lock then clicked open. She looked at the two policemen who were supposed to watch her and she thought, "Just go to sleep." As expected, they started to snore loudly. When opening the door to leave, she thought, "Don't let the guards see me." It was simply like this that she came out of the police station and rejoined the Fa-rectification progress.

Some of her fellow practitioners said, "It is her pure righteous thoughts and her Buddha Fa supernormal abilities that helped her to break through the evil persecution."