(Clearwisdom.net) Note from the person who submitted this article: This practitioner has been detained for over a year in the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp. He wrote this letter to his mother and father under extremely terrible conditions. When I read his letter, I realized this practitioner's determined and unshakable righteous thoughts toward Dafa. I also saw the evil forces crazy last-ditch effort to persecute Dafa before they are completely eliminated. Although I had experienced torture myself before reading this letter, it was still chilling to read this account of the brutal torture of Dafa practitioners in China. I hope that this letter will wake up your consciences and stop you from being indifferent to the persecution of Dafa and from siding with the evil. The future of Dafa practitioners is closely related to you and Dafa will bring bright futures for the sentient beings [who position themselves correctly]. Meanwhile, I also hope that those practitioners who have become brainwashed under severe pressure and now are collaborating with the authorities to persecute their fellow practitioners read this letter carefully. This practitioner's letter will clear away the lies and rumors that are deceiving you and you will come to realize the vicious nature of the evil's persecution. Every steady step Dafa practitioners take will become a magnificent testimony in the history of Fa rectification.


Mother and Father:


On November15th my three brothers-in-law came to visit and told me the situation at home. They each left 100 Yuan before they leaving. My eldest brother-in-law brought me winter clothes, and I also received some from friends, so I have enough clothes for the winter. Please do not worry about me.

My eldest brother-in-law told me that you have both aged rapidly. I knew this already. When you visited me in August, father, you looked very pale and thin. I felt deeply sorry. The government (Jiang's regime) is brutally torturing thousands of innocent people just like you and mom. There are also elderly people who have been illegally sent to forced labor camps. They remind me of both of you whenever I see them.

I often recall the memories of my childhood spent with you [at home]. Every morning, I was woken up by your conversations. The sentence I remember most clearly is, "What are people living for in this world? We are suddenly so old now." You did not seem very sad when you said this, but this is the same question that everyone is seeking an answer for. At those times, I would listen silently and reflect deeply. Back then I realized that there was only a limited time that one could spend with their parents. I cherish the time I spent with you.

The reason why Falun Gong practitioners are sentenced to jail is because they have their own thoughts and opinions. According to the government's terminology, it is called "guilty because of thoughts." However, this is illegal and only a tyrant would declare such a crime. At present, the persecution against Falun Gong by the head of Mainland China has isolated China from the international community. Despite this, most policemen think that we are good and kind-hearted people.

My term in the forced labor camp will end in four months. But that does not guarantee I will be released. There are quite a few practitioners at the Tuanhe Labor Camp (in Beijing) whose terms have been illegally extended because they refused to denounce their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." The police usually extend it for ten months. If the practitioners are not "brainwashed" after these ten months they will extend the time for another two months. They do not know what to do if the practitioners still hold firm to their beliefs after then. I don't think the tyrant has any legal law for them to follow. In fact, the use of forced labor camps itself violates China's legal proceedings and is merely being used as that tyrant's tool to torture innocent people who have their own views and opinions.

Some practitioners have refused to accept these injustices and carry out hunger strikes to protest. They are now being detained in a special unit in the labor camp and are strictly monitored and viciously force-fed every day.

Around this same time last year, I was one of those who were force-fed. It was a terrible experience. Last September I was arrested and detained along with other practitioners at the Fengtai Public Security Bureau in Beijing. Several police tortured and interrogated me for four months, during which they utilized various brutal methods to try and force me to renounce my belief. These included lifting me by the arm after twisting it behind my back, pressing my body against a beam, shocking me with electric stun guns, stripping me of my clothes and pouring cold water over me, pulling out my facial, eyebrow, and armpit hair, and dragging me on the floor and stepping on me. As a result, I had cuts and wounds all over by body and was unable to lift anything for more than ten days. My right pinky finger was broken and the nerves in my wrist were damaged, causing my thumb to be numb for more than half a year. Even today, I still have deep scars. I pointed out to the police officers many times that this kind of torture and interrogation is brutal and illegal, but failed to see any improvement. Under these circumstances, I carried out a hunger strike to protest.

On the forth day of the hunger strike the police started to force-feed me. They ordered the other inmates to force my back against a chair and hold me there while they grabbed my hair and forced my head upright. Then they used a spoon to try and pry my mouth open. When this failed, they hit me in the face. When this still did not work, they inserted a tube through my nose, cursing at me in the process. They purposely inserted the tube into the most sensitive place in my throat, which caused me to vomit repeatedly. The torture brought me to tears and I sweated all over. Because my head was over extended and I was unable to swallow, they force-fed large amounts of milk through my nose with some of it going into my lungs. This caused severe coughing and sharp chest pains. After the force-feeding was over, I coughed out the milk and it was red with blood. If it were soup and hot pepper water, I would be dead for sure! The milk powder used for the force-feeding was taken from the allocated food supply for the inmates, so the inmates would complain to me, humiliate, and torture me when I was put back with them.

I do not think that I have committed any crime and I have always resisted the illegal actions of the police. Yet my term has been extended repeatedly and has reached the maximum of four months. Without any evidence, they slapped me with the vague charge of "resisting the implementation of the nation's law and disturbing social order," and sentenced me to one and a half years in the forced labor camp. I did not accept this charge and appealed to them to reconsider. They responded by maintaining their original decision, but I still refused to accept it and applied for an administrative change according to law but have not heard anything as of today. On March 26th, 2002, I was taken to the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp.

Upon arriving at the labor camp's dispatch office, the head of the camp asked me to write a "guarantee" letter (statement promising to give up practicing Falun Gong), but I refused to do so because I had done nothing wrong. He became furious at that point and ordered the other labor camp wardens to knock me to the floor. They forced my arms behind my back, stepped on my head and lower back, and hit and kicked me. One of them forced my hand to write the "guarantee" letter and took my fingerprints. My wrist was injured in the process and I was unable to turn it for a month. My hands were also swollen. I reported their vicious behavior to their supervisor but he did not take it seriously. Later I learned that the police at the labor camp used to be much more violent than they are now, and were forced to restrain their behavior after a so-called "civilized management" policy was implemented in 2001. Before then, the dispatch office was known as "the devil's hell".

After I was transferred to the Tuanhe Labor Camp, I suffered less physical torture and more mental torture. I was forced to watch TV programs that maliciously denounce and attack Dafa and was not allowed to speak about or comment on them. Compared with the power of the common people, the tyrant's power may be strong, but it can do nothing to change one's heart. It can destroy one's physical body but is never able to shake one's righteous belief!

Mom and Dad, you both believe in God. You know human beings cannot fight with God, as it is wind when he blows the air and it is an ocean when he sheds a single teardrop. Some people curse at God and do not receive immediate retribution so they deny the existence of God. In fact, this is only because the time for retribution has not arrived yet, which is also an opportunity God gives for them to repent. Only a true monster can take pleasure from torturing and harming innocent people.

As long as I have not done anything against my conscience, I will be at peace no matter where I am. You have always said that everything will pass as long as your heart is righteous. A good person often has more tribulations, but one cannot stop being a good person because of this. I am certain that you will agree with me. Good will be rewarded with good and evil will be repaid with evil. I hope you can calmly cope with my situation and be clear-headed. It will not only harm yourself but also others if you yield to power and say things that are not true.

I will forever remember your teaching, "always be kind-hearted." Those words have helped me overcome many difficulties. I have not done or said anything that is against my conscience, and I believe that kind people will always have bright futures. At last, I hope that you can stay strong and healthy. Together we will pass through this difficult time, which will not last much longer.

Your son,

November 21, 2002