The Righteous Behavior of Dafa Practitioners Is Saving People

The husband of a practitioner's sister was beaten mercilessly. The whole family was indignant and wanted to get back at the person who hit him. The practitioner learned of their intentions and talked to them with compassion. After listening, the practitioner's sister said, "Your teacher's words are right. I will listen to your teacher and tolerate this person." Later the police station came to address the incident. The practitioner's sister told them, "My sister practices Falun Gong. I listened to the words of her teacher. I will not pursue this person." The person who did the beating was deeply moved after learning about this.

"All of You Are Good People"

A practitioner wanted to print some Falun Dafa materials. He went to a copy store to ask about the printing. Unexpectedly, the owner was very happy and said, "If they are Falun Gong materials, I will print them. All of you are good people." Several days before, the owner had gone shopping. When he had walked far away from the store, he found that his change was wrong. He decided to forget about it. At the same moment, the cashier came to give the extra money back to him. The owner thought, "How can there be such a good person?" The cashier told him that he was a Falun Gong practitioner.

The Police Suddenly Decide to Stop Searching

A Falun Dafa practitioner always put some truth clarifying materials in his bag when traveling to and from home so that he could distribute or post them at any time. One day, when he was on a bus, someone suddenly shouted that he had lost his cell phone and wanted to report it to the police. The driver stopped the bus and someone called the police. When the police arrived, they started to search the passengers' bags one by one. The practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts silently. When the police moved towards the practitioner, the officer suddenly said to the owner of the lost article, "This side is too far away from you. They could not have possibly stolen your phone. Let's stop searching." Then the police got off the bus.