(Clearwisdom.net) [Editors' note: Throughout history, the theme that a nation's fate is closely tied to the virtue of its leaders and people has been prevalent in both Chinese and Western culture and lore. Many wise, virtuous kings have led their nations to peace and prosperity, while conversely, moral decay in high places has led to the downfall of great empires. These articles are meant to serve as a reminder and wake-up call for those who are leading or participating in large-scale acts of violence and injustice. As Teacher Li Hongzhi said in Essentials for Further Advancement, "When people do not have virtue, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound."]

  • According to Xinhua Net News, an outbreak of "Pink Eye" disease occurred in Jiangxi Province, and the pharmacies all over the province were sold out of eye medications a few days ago. The ophthalmology departments in various hospitals in the province treated at least 40 ~ 50 (sometimes around 100) patients daily who suffered from this infectious disease.
  • According to a China News Net August 28 report, the number of reported "Pink Eye" cases in Guangzhou City had recently risen sharply, and the ophthalmology department sometimes treated more than 400 patients daily.
  • According to statistics of You County Health Department, the number of patients suffering from this disease who visited doctors reached 800, and those who haven't seen doctors yet have numbered 3,000, and the number of people who get the disease is growing.
  • According to Morning News, the "Pink Eye" disease broke out in Shanghai, and the number of patients increased tens of times. On September 1 there were more than 200 patients who visited a specialty hospital's ophthalmology department, while there were about 10 patients on an average day.
  • According to the Jiangnan Times, the same disease that broke out in Zhejiang and Guangdong Provinces is now spreading to Suzhou City in Jiangxu Province. Suzhou City Second People's Hospital treated more than 300 patients for this eye disorder in one week. Suzhou City Third People's Hospital Ophthalmology Department received this same disease patients amounting to 2/3 of the total eye disease patients.
  • According to the Chinese Business News, this same disease is now attacking Xi'an City, and the number of patients is growing. Provincial People's Hospital and Jiao Tong University's No. 1 Hospital are treating more and more patients with this disease in the last 10 days, and the disease is growing into an epidemic.
  • According to the Southern Morning Post, there is an outbreak of this eye disease in Yi City, and the number of patients who are seeking hospital treatment is growing rapidly.