(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I dreamed of sitting in a high-speed train. In the beginning, there was strong wind inside the train. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind, "This train was sealed. Where did the wind come from?" When this thought came out, the wind stopped. In the meantime, I clearly saw the scenery outside through the window. The train was rushing on a wide road. There was no rail. Furthermore, there were many vehicles and pedestrians passing by. I was worried whether we would collide with the vehicles or pedestrians. However, the train passed safely. Nothing happened. I was relieved.

The train kept on moving forward on the road. Then there were no vehicles and pedestrians. There was a rail in the middle of the road. The train rode smoothly. I was worried again, "How come the rail was built on the road?" Suddenly, the rail turned into single track and went to the side of the road. It almost hung over the edge of the road. I was afraid again and worried, "How dangerous! Can we move through?" As a result the train passed by smoothly. Suddenly, I understood that the train was actually driven at a uniform speed smoothly from the very beginning. Two roads were exhibited in front of me: one is formless but always continuing, smooth and without any mishaps along the way; the other is what my eyes can see, full of thrilling scenarios. I found the worries I had had while traveling on the latter road was brought by my eyes and my heart.

When I woke up, I realized that our cultivators are actually on a "great way without form." There is no accident on this road. The so-called danger was actually brought by human concepts.

This is my personal understanding, if it is not proper, please compassionately point out anything and correct it.