July 30, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Around the time of July 20 of this year (July 20 marked the three year anniversary of Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong), Jiang and his political gang once again spent a huge amount of money to hire extra night patrol workers to arrest Falun Gong practitioners who distributed truth-clarifying materials to the public.

One night, I made up my mind to distribute truth-clarifying materials to the residents living in the countryside. It was after midnight and the environment was very still with only the occasional barks of dogs. As soon as I finished sending forth righteous thoughts, I went on my way. It was very quiet on the street, and I did not see anyone, not even routine night patrol workers.

The countryside was new to me and I did not know my way around. But I didn't worry because my mind was only filled with righteous thoughts to save the people in that area. I said to Teacher, "As your disciple, I am going to distribute truth-clarification materials in the countryside. I am not familiar with the area. Will Teacher please guide me?"

All along the way into the countryside, I kept sending forth righteous-thoughts to eliminate any interference from the old evil forces. My bicycle was very old, but it worked smoothly and did not give me any difficulty. It was a moonless night as well and I could hardly see the road in front of me. Just as I was about to run into some rocks lying in the road, a car suddenly showed up from behind. Its headlights lit up the road enough so that I could see the rocks and avoid them. Had this not happened, I would have had an accident for sure. Things like this occurred quite a few times along the way. My heart was deeply moved to know that Teacher was protecting me. Tears ran down my face thinking of this.

One time I came to a big uphill climb in the road. This stretch of road is so steep that even young people usually have to walk their bikes up it. I was very surprised then to see that even though I am an old man over the age of 60, I was able to peddle up the hill with very little effort!

At the top of the hill was a big town and the outlying district beyond the town was my final destination. I did not know the way up the hill but after a few tries I found the right path. The slope was too steep to peddle the bike so I got off and pushed it, which took me about twenty minutes. Whenever I came to a house, I would leave a set of truth clarifying materials in a noticeable place for the people inside. The roads got more and more rugged as I went further. After a while, I started to breathe heavily and my legs began getting tired as well. In my heart, I asked Teacher to give me more strength. No sooner had I done so and I regained my energy, not being tired at all.

The sky brightened as the morning approached. When I came to a "Military Restricted Zone," the road was blocked off and I was prevented from continuing on. I became a bit disappointed about this, but after a second thought I felt this type of thinking was not correct. From the very start I had asked Teacher to guide me, so it must have been Teacher who brought me here. Now that I was here I should help save the soldiers as well. I should not have had that feeling of disappointment. So, after leaving a set of truth clarifying materials in a prominent place for the soldiers to pick up, I happily turned back the way I came.

As dawn arrived it became easier to see. To save time, I ventured off the road and took a short cut directly down the hill. I carried my bike in front of me and I slid down the hill on my feet. Every time I almost lost control some rocks would appear under my feet to give me traction and allow me to regain my balance. When I finally reached the bottom of the hill there was another village, and I distributed more truth clarifying materials to the homes there. Then, as I made my way down the long narrow road, another village appeared. I greeted a good morning to the early rising villagers by distributing truth-clarifying materials to them as well.

By the time I came to the last house at the end of the village, I had just one last set of truth-clarifying materials left. I felt both relieved and delighted to see that I had just enough materials to last the duration of the trip. Looking back, what a wonderful arrangement Teacher had set up for me!