(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, the evils participating in persecuting Dafa across China have continuously received retributions; thus, many of them have been restrained in their activities. However, some are still following Jiang closely and are committing bad deeds. Recently, personnel from the Daqing "6.10" Office (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) encountered a serious traffic accident, which gave the evils another warning.

In early May of 2002, the "6.10" Office of Daqing City organized a team of nearly 30 special agents from different work units that persecute Dafa to go to Chengdu City in Sichuan Province for further training and sightseeing. During the trip, the vehicle in which they were riding suddenly went out of control and plunged into a trench that was several dozen meters deep. The primary leader of the team, Sui xx, who was also the deputy secretary of Lindian County Political and Legal Commission, died at the scene. All others were injured to some degree and were sent to a local hospital for emergency treatment.

Let's take a look at why these evil people received this retribution from heaven:

Sui xx was the deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Commission of Lindian County, Daqing City. The Lindian County Detention Center that he was in charge of was a living hell, where the police were cruel and sinister. They used a type of white rubber stick dubbed as "mini white dragon" to harshly beat Dafa practitioners' buttocks and thighs. All practitioners were hurt all over their bodies. One practitioner was beaten so harshly that his blood splashed onto the wall. The evil police also bound the hands and feet of Dafa practitioners together and then locked them in pairs. Then, they exposed them to the scorching sun and forced them to walk together in a squatting position for 4 hours each day. This kind of torture normally lasts from 15 days to one month, and is incredibly inhumane. In the traffic accident, Sui xx was killed right on the spot and received his due retributions.

Yuan xx is a vicious cadre of a work unit. In 2001, when a practitioner from his work unit was released after his labor term expired, Yuan wanted to send the practitioner to a drug-rehab center for further persecution. During the New Year of 2002, Yuan again detained the practitioner at his work unit for 4 days and nights, and did not allow him to go home. In this traffic accident, Yuan was seriously hurt from his chest area to his legs.

A cadre from another work unit, however, became sympathetic with Dafa after learning the truth of the persecution from the Dafa practitioners. Although she had watched Dafa practitioners, she had never viciously attacked Dafa. Therefore, in this traffic accident, she was only slightly scratched.

Since the Jiang regime started persecuting Dafa, natural calamities and human disasters have been continuously occurring in China. These are the results of the leadership's violating the heavenly principles, but they are dismissed by them as simply "accidents" and "natural events." "When people do not have virtue, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound. When the earth does not have virtue, everything will wither and fall. When heaven deviates from the Dao, the ground will crack, the sky will collapse, and the whole universe will be empty. When the Fa is right, the universe will be right. Life will flourish, heaven and earth will be stable, and the Fa will exist forever." ("When the Fa is Right" from Falun Dafa-Essentials For Further Advancement) Humans should follow heavenly principles. However, when humans favor the evil, morality declines, and heavenly principles are violated--then abnormal phenomenon will happen, and the evil people will receive retributions as warnings.

Wake up now, all of you who have persecuted the Buddha Fa and tortured the good people. May you be alerted by these benevolent warnings from heaven and stop conducting evil deeds so as to avoid entering the gate of non-life.

Here, we'd also like to send a sincere message to those who have been deceived by the media propaganda: Dafa is positioning every single person, and the evil-doers are receiving their due retributions; but as long as you are clear about the truth and have a righteous mind, you can have a bright future.