Dafa practitioners illegally detained at 2nd Team of the 1st Brigade of the Huanxiling Labor Camp in Jilin City live in an extremely tense and vicious atmosphere of persecution.

In the labor camp, their basic human rights are denied; beating and cursing are commonplace. The Team instructor, Han Jing (who is also the Vice-Instructor of the 1st Brigade) often says viciously, "Whoever doesn't behave well, just beat him up - it doesn't matter, as long as you do not beat him to death." So, under the instructor's support, those chosen criminals persecute Dafa practitioners even more recklessly.

One day in December 2001, Dafa practitioners Chen Fuquan, Jiang Yaojun, Liu Xianghui, Qu Cheng, Deng Changhua, and others, were beaten in the heads and faces by (the criminal) team leader Guan Lijun, who used a wooden board, leather belt, and plastic ruler, to inflict the beatings.

Chen Fuquan, an elder of 58 years old, suffered injuries to his face causing redness, swelling and difficulty eating.

Several wardens and team leaders sent Liu Xianghui to an office where they kicked and punched him until his body was severely injured to the point where he could hardly walk or sit.

Guan Lijun and two other criminals repeatedly and fiercely beat the heads and bodies of Jiang Yaojun and Qu Cheng.

Brigade Instructor Cui Min and Team instructor Zhang Li locked Qu Cheng into a "solitary confinement cell" with his two hands tied to an iron bed. In the solitary confinement cell, it was unbearably cold without a heater or any blanket. Every day, the team instructor Han Jing used electric batons to shock and torture him. Miserable cries could regularly be heard coming from the small cell. Han Jing also pressured Qu Cheng to sign a paper against his will in a team meeting.

The brigade instructor Cui Min didn't punish the criminal Guan Lijun, instead, he blamed everything on the Dafa practitioners.

Dafa practitioner Deng Changhua refused to follow Guan Lijun's orders to say something against his will. He was then beaten all over his head and face, and he suffered injuries to his abdomen from being repeatedly kicked. Han Jing then used electric batons to shock him, and forced him to sit on the ice-cold ground for seven to eight days until he was moved to Jiutai Labor Camp.

Dafa practitioner Jing Zhixin was sent to a "solitary confinement cell" by the 1st Brigade. The team instructor, Han Jing, especially ordered criminal Liang Feng to keep watch on Jing Zhixin. He was not allowed to wash his hands and face. He was not allowed to brush his teeth. And they set a time limit for him to use the toilet; as soon as he sat down they forced him to get up. One day, he asked to use the toilet several times, but they wouldn't allow him. As he couldn't restrain himself indefinitely, he was forced to defecate in his pants.

Zhao Hailong, Han Jing, and some other low-minded people often gambled and drank together. Warden Zhao Hailong, beat and cursed Dafa practitioners at will every day. When Liaoyuan City Dafa practitioner Zhao Lianli requested that Guan Lijun return his "statement of repentance," which was written under extreme duress due to torture, he was instead beaten up severely by Zhao Hailong and Guan Lijun. Guan Lijun also extorted personal belongings from Dafa practitioners. Zhao Hailong and some other instigators illegally confiscated Deng Changhua's personal belongings.

The above cases mark the persecution some Dafa practitioners suffered during the time they were illegally detained at Jilin City Labor Camp, before being transferred to Jiutai City Labor Camp.