(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since the visit of the head of evil to Russia, many overseas practitioners have gone to Russia to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity and eliminate the evil factors behind it. The remaining practitioners in Toronto are also taking the effort to step out and gather together in front of the Chinese consulate to send forth righteous thoughts and eliminate evil.

With the massive elimination of the evil factors, those controlling the head of evil in this human world have become extremely weak. Practitioners have come to realize that before the Fa-rectification comes to the human world, we should start with eliminating the evil factors in other dimensions that are behind the head of evil in this human world. Once that is done, all evil factors existing in the entire universe will be rapidly eliminated, and any old forces that are involved in persecuting Dafa will also be completely eliminated. We should break away from our attachments and keep a righteous mind to offer salvation to sentient beings. This is the sacred mission given to Dafa practitioners. It is also our honor and a magnificent deed.

Therefore, starting on June 5th, Toronto practitioners began to send forth righteous thoughts once every half hour in front of the Chinese consulate. We emphasize quality more than quantity, and we should keep our mind pure and rational.