Teacher said: "Since the old evil forces insist on giving us a chance to eliminate them, make good use of it. History has never seen this before, it's hard to come by." (Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference) Through studying Teacher's several new poems and new lectures, we all also understand that the head of the evil's visit to five countries in East Europe is a critical test for all Dafa practitioners and a good opportunity to eliminate the evil factors behind the persecution.

For the past few days, together with Dafa practitioners all over the world, UK Dafa practitioners have been sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese Consulates in London, Manchester and Edinburgh, day and night, so that the head of the evil will have no place to hide in Eastern Europe.

It rained all day on June 5. A fierce wind with icy cold rain poured down on the practitioners. We had prepared a tent in advance and had a discussion about whether to stay in the tent to keep dry.

Some practitioners thought that the evil sent this rain to stop us. Facing the challenge of the evil, how could we take a step backwards? They thought we should endure the hardship, even though it would be difficult. Moreover, we learned from our recent trip to Germany that some of us were driven by sentiment, always hoping for a magnificent outcome, while losing some good opportunities to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity.

Our main mission coming here this time was to send forth righteous thoughts. The question therefore, was how to truly calm our hearts and eliminate interference, in order to send forth the purest, most steadfast righteous thoughts. This icy, cold rain might interfere with practitioners and prevent them from displaying the full power of their righteous thoughts. Therefore we thought we should not just think of this in the human dimension. We had to consider our supernormal capabilities. Not only must we Fa-rectification disciples maintain steadfast beliefs and thoughts, but we also must have the wisdom and maturity of enlightened beings. Between bravery and rationality, we must remain clearheaded. In this confrontation between the righteous and the evil, we should have the determination and wisdom to persist until the end, when justice will prevail. We should not do this carelessly or haphazardly. After exchanging our thoughts in our understandings of the Fa, we came to a unanimous decision. We would all stay in the tent and calm our hearts to send forth righteous thoughts.

When we were not sending forth righteous thoughts, we exchanged our Fa-study experiences, and we all benefited by doing so. On June 6, the rain subsided.