1. On December 25, 2001, 5 police officers visited the house of Mr. Qi, a Dafa practitioner in Gansu Province. Mr. Qi immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind them. Mr. Qi sensed that there were evil beings on the body of the group leader, a policewoman. He followed her closely, erected his palm and recited Master's Fa-rectification verses. The leader and the 4 policemen fled in a hurry.
  2. One day in March or April of 2002, Mr. Qi was posting truth-clarification material on the street when five policemen and two plain-clothes agents suddenly appeared. Mr. Qi thought about making them turn around. The moment the thought came to him, the five policemen turned around as if they had received an order. Then, Mr. Qi thought about making them move faster. The policemen immediately started to move faster. Mr. Qi thought about having them run. The policemen began to run.
  3. Mr. Qi went to a company's residential building to distribute truth clarification material. He found the corridors brightly lit. He thought about the lights turning off. Immediately, the lights on the first floor went off. He calmly distributed the material to the first floor. When he went to the second floor, the lights on that floor turned off too. Upon arrival to the third floor, the same thing happened. This continued until he had finished distributing the material to the entire building.
  4. One evening, Mr. Qi and a fellow practitioner were posting truth-clarifying material in a small department store. A policeman became suspicious and paced back and forth at the back of the store. Mr. Qi calmly said to the practitioner: "Don't panic, we are divine beings doing the most sacred thing. The evil should be afraid of us!" Not surprisingly, the policeman could not come near them, he just continued to pace anxiously at the back of the store.