(Clearwisdom.net) While sending forth the righteous thoughts, we are often faced with interference from thinking about ordinary human affairs, physical pain and images. I suggest that we should first check inside and that only when we understand the Fa from Fa, can we really make fundamental improvement. "Only when you upgrade your xinxing can you attain a clear and clean mind, and a state free of intention (wuwei). Only when your xinxing is upgraded can you assimilate to the characteristic of the universe and remove different human desires, attachments, and other bad things. Only then will you be able to abandon the bad things in yourself and ascend so that you will not be restricted by the characteristic of the universe." (Zhuan Falun)

Next, I will discuss in detail my experiences in getting rid of interference while sending forth the righteous thoughts.

1. Use mind-intent while sending forth the righteous thoughts to quickly eradicate interference

We should quickly eradicate all interference while sending forth the righteous thoughts so that the main consciousness predominates. Several days ago, while sending forth righteous thoughts, my mother and I both experienced interference in the form of feeling itchiness all over the body. I immediately sent forth the thought, "You can not touch me" and recovered right away. That day, when I held my palm erect, my mind felt as though it was covered with a layer of fog. I immediately thought, "I am the most righteous being" and suddenly my mind became clear at once. But I feel all these ways only fix the problem on the surface and satisfy immediate circumstances while the improvement of Xinxing is the only solution to truly getting rid of interference.

2. Make full use of the effects of the pure energy field

Teacher said, "The other day I said that the Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities. In other words, the energy scattered from our bodies can rectify all abnormal conditions." "A person who has gone through the cultivation of the Orthodox Law is compassionate with his presence and is assimilated into the cosmic qualities Zhen Shan Ren (Truth Compassion Forbearance). Therefore, all of our students who are sitting in this field will feel it and have no bad thoughts in their minds. When sitting here many of our students even cannot think of smoking. They feel a serene atmosphere which is very comfortable. This is the effect produced by the energy carried by the cultivators of the Orthodox Law within this field." "With your incessant practice and cultivation according to our Xinxing requirements, your energy will gradually become more and more powerful." (Zhuan Falun)

When we meet with interference, we should use the pure energy field to benevolently rectify it and keep the mind tranquil and patient. But what needs to be stated clearly is that never should we indulge in the peacefulness of the energy field and thus forget about the responsibility of using the righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil. The main consciousness should predominate to eradicate the evil.

3. Teacher said, "Think about it, when you cultivate well few beings in the gigantic cosmos turn bad and few of them get weeded out. And when you return, they will truly regard you as their Lord, their King, and have boundless reverence for you, because you saved them, you sacrificed for them, and you gave them everything they have. But if you don't cultivate well, many beings will be weeded out since we can't not weed out beings who are no longer salvageable. Why is that? During this persecution, beings in different dimensions are all playing a role, whether they're good beings or bad beings. The bad beings are interfering with the Fa-rectification, persecuting our students, and at the same time they're interfering with you. So you must eliminate them with utter seriousness. " (Touring North America to Teach the Fa) As I read this, I was deeply shocked. It is in fact such a sacred mission and responsibility that it can not be described by human language. Then, in our heart, can we still allow the evil to exist? For the past half month or more, I always cried without reason while eradicating the evil, the thought of wishing to eradicate all the evil caused me to become dignified and solemn.

I hope we can cultivate diligently and make further advances together, not let teacher down for offering salvation to us, be responsible for Dafa and be responsible for the living beings welcoming the Fa-rectification in the human world.