1. Li Yonghui, the director of Zhiqingchang "610 Office" in Yueyanglou area
  2. In July 2001, a practitioner's wife from Qijialing wanted to visit her husband being detained in the Changsha Labor Camp. She went to practitioner Xu Genyuan's home to ask for directions since Xu had just been released from illegal detention in that labor camp. On her way, Zhang Yihui and Li Yonghui bumped into her. Without asking any questions, Li began punching and kicking her. He then illegally sent her to a detention center. Li Yonghui's phone#: 86-730-8791708

    Yueyanglou law enforcement authority Zhao Zihu and the chairman of Yueyanglou District Police Department Zhang Yibao Yueyang Falun Dafa practitioner Xu Genyuan went to Beijing to appeal in 1999 and was illegally sentenced to one year with probation. He was released after being detained for more than 5 months. The law enforcement authority in Yueyanglou area, Zhao Zihu said, "I intentionally sentenced you." Less than one month after Xu was released, these law enforcement authorities wanted to illegally take him again. Xu then asked to see the document showing the proper procedures. But, instead of showing the legal document, they threatened Xu. The chairman of Yueyanglou District Police Department Zhang Yibao pointed to Xu and said, "You are insane." When Xu asked them for an explanation, Zhao Zihu said, "Tomorrow we will give you an injection." (Many practitioners were sent to mental hospitals and forcefully injected with neurotoxic drugs just in this way.) When Xu was illegally detained at the detention center and told others how he was persecuted, one police officer sighed, "If you are insane, then China would not have any normal persons."

  3. Zhang Yihui: the head of Zhiqingchang Judicial Department in Yueyanglou
  4. Zhang Yihui violated the law by sending a nursing mother of a three-month old baby, a Falun Dafa practitioner, to a detention center. He also extorted 3,000 Yuan from her family. [400-500 Yuan is average monthly income for a labor in urban China.] He seized the family's television, refrigerator, etc. Zhang Yihui's telephone (o): 86-730-8791708

  5. Luowang Judicial Department and Police Station
  6. In January 2001, the police from Luowang Judicial Department and Police Station suddenly broke into Falun Dafa practitioner Xu Yunsi's home and unlawfully took the couple from their residence. Xu's wife Fang Yue was very sick at that time. When they dragged her to the car, she was already laying down on the ground and could not move. Her complexion was also very pale. Upon seeing this, their neighbors all came to stop the police in order to prevent her from dying. The head of local police station Yang Yinghuan coldly said, "Why fear if someone dies? Why do they practice Falun Gong? Let them die. Who can be blamed?!" Later, he saw that too many people came to reason with him. He then told them that he would send her to the hospital for a check up. However, they sent Fang directly to the detention center. They also illegally took Xu's brother-in-law along with them.

    The people in Luowang mainly responsible for this persecution:

    The Party secretary for politics and law: Yang Deliang 86-13975009088 (cell)

    The Party secretary for the work area: Yang Linzhi

    The head of judicial department: Zhang Yihui

    The head of local police station: Yang Yinghuan

    The director of the "610 Office": Li Yonghui

  7. The persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by the "610 Office" in Yueyang Chengling Paper Factory
  8. They cut off Falun Dafa practitioners' stipends by freezing pension payments for the retired and depriving the employed of their right to work. They handed the list of Falun Dafa practitioners to the above "610 Office" on three occasions in an attempt to send them to labor camps. They also sent several dozen practitioners to the detention center.

    In some cases, they illegally detained Falun Dafa practitioners several times in their private prison, for more than four months, in order to force them to give up practicing Falun Gong.

    They illegally searched Falun Dafa practitioners' homes on many occasions, and also sent a practitioner, a graduate of Computer Science, to the Changsha Labor Camp, just because he knew how to use computers. In addition, they have fined practitioners many times for as much as, or more, than ten thousand Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly wage of an urban worker in China]. Other times they have fined practitioners in excess of a thousand Yuan. Yang Guangmin, Li Yuxia, Chen Huimin, etc. used to beat practitioners very badly. Part of their scheme was to visit public places, such as markets, in order to follow and monitor practitioners.