(Clearwisdom.net) Guam is the important American military base in the western Pacific Ocean. It has more than 100,000 inhabitants, including 3,000 Chinese. The majority of the inhabitants have never heard of Falun Dafa, although Falun Dafa has long been spread since 1996 on Saipan Island, just a few hundred miles away.

On April 20, 2002, 19 Taiwan Dafa practitioners arrived at Guam and started their two-day Fa-spreading activities. The only Dafa practitioner on the island, who immigrated to Guam in 2001, applied in advance and set up a practice site at the local Chinese park. On the morning of April 21, Dafa practitioners hung up banners on the park wall close to a highway. The banners read, "Falun Dafa" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." The golden banners were brilliant and eye-catching in the morning sunshine, and many people who drove by could see them. Dafa practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts, studied the Fa and shared cultivation experiences. At noon, Dafa practitioners came to the Micronesian Mall, where there were many shoppers. The market manager prepared a site in the center of the mall for Dafa practitioners to perform the exercises. Dafa practitioners in golden suits lined up in an orderly fashion. Some Dafa practitioners handed out flyers and answered questions from many people, who seemed to be genuinely interested. Many people wanted to learn the exercises on the spot. One saleswoman was on duty and could not come out to learn. She watched Dafa practitioners performing the exercises through the display window and said that she felt a formidable energy field. She also said that she would learn to practice when she was free. The local newspaper reported the practitioners' activities in the mall. The market manager invited Dafa practitioners to perform the exercises on the first Friday of each month.

Sending forth righteous thoughts in the China Garden

Next morning, the Dafa practitioners went to the China Garden to study the Fa and practice the exercises, and hung up Dafa banners once again. In the afternoon, they went to spread the Fa in different tourist sites of the island.

The two-day spreading of the Fa achieved noticeable effects. When practitioners went to shop at the local K-Mart, immediately someone pointed at practitioners' golden yellow t-shirts and said, "Falun Gong!" They asked where they could learn the exercises.

On the afternoon of April 22, the practitioners went to the airport and introduced Dafa to each person who had a predestined relationship, including airline personnel, security check officers, and people who were waiting for their flights and those who were seeing friends or family members off.

Taiwan Dafa practitioners' Fa-spreading activity in Guam was very successful, and we hope people there won't miss the opportunity to obtain the Fa!