1. About writing the "Solemn Declaration"

I think it is very necessary for the fellow practitioners who gave in to the evil against their conscience to make a "Solemn Declaration." (A public statement on the Falun Dafa website stating that their previous actions are null and void.) This is because what you are doing well now creates mighty virtue for this part of you, without removing the stain from the past. Then how can this stain be washed away? Because we are amidst the Fa-rectification period, a part of Fa-rectification involves rectifying everything that is unrighteous in our cultivation history, including the actions of giving in to the evil. The "Solemn Declaration" is a denial of the previous, incorrect "Guarantee Statement." (A statement that the practitioners were forced to write, denouncing their beliefs in Falun Dafa.) We need to rectify all the unrighteous actions that have occurred during our cultivation. We need to deal with this issue seriously. We should not be perfunctory in writing the "Solemn Declaration," and we should be truly strict with ourselves in the future after writing the declaration.

2. About the persecution against the practitioners

Recently, many practitioners have suffered even more severe persecution. I was deeply moved by their determination. However, while reading about the persecution, I had the following question: Must enduring the brutal persecution be the way for the practitioners to establish their mighty virtue? Isn't it the same as using the image of Jesus, portrayed as suffering and having been nailed to a cross, rather than using the image of his glorious and magnificent miracles as the everlasting symbol? Isn't that an arrangement of the old forces? Isn't that what we need to completely deny? Isn't that what we need to rectify?

We learned from the "Upgrading Xinxing," section of Lecture Four in Zhuan Falun, and from the experiences of fellow practitioners, that Teacher is constantly watching over us in order to protect our flesh bodies from harm. Even when some practitioners were involved in an auto collision, it was only the car that was damaged. It is extremely difficult to obtain a human body. We are each fortunate to have a human body after hundreds or thousands of years of waiting. I also realized that we are Fa particles. We should be as solid as diamond and immutable, and exist along with the Fa. Falun Dafa cultivates both mind and body. The cultivation process and results will be evident on the human body. So keeping the human body unharmed during the brutal persecution is a demonstration of the mighty virtue of the great Fa. "With their exceptional breadth of mind, Dafa disciples can endure anything..." (From "Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference") The Falun Dafa practitioners' rock-solid beliefs are indestructible as long as we truly melt into the Fa. Teacher told us, "But things such as a God coming down to earth to save people yet ending up being crucified will never happen again." (From The North America Lecture Tour) The re-writing of history is the sacred mission that Teacher has bestowed upon us. We need to make those corrections through our actions. Then how can we allow the evil to persecute us at will? How can we tolerate the escalating persecution? This would not be possible unless we had loopholes that were taken advantage of by the evil. If we were truly rooted in the Fa in mind and body, the evil cannot and dare not to touch us.

How can we reduce the persecution as much as possible? Those vicious people seemingly have every advantage and appear to be very powerful, while we "will not hit back or swear back." On the surface, it seems that the persecution is inevitable. However, it is not so. We need to get rid of the ordinary people's notions. Teacher said, "Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts are powerful." Teacher also said, "For instance, while doing Fa-rectification, when the righteous thoughts are very pure, their supernormal abilities are comprehensively utilized. Moreover, with righteous thoughts many disciples are able to use them at will -- whatever they want to use, they almost always have it. For example, to freeze those wicked evildoers that persecute Dafa disciples, they just need to say, 'freeze' or 'stay there and don't move,' or point to the group of evildoers, and then they definitely won't be able to move; afterwards they just need to think 'release,' and it will be lifted. Actually, you can use your will to command those evil ones who have no human nature--such as those evildoers, who are worse than beasts, who beat people to death or rape female Dafa disciples--as well as those chief evil ones. The wicked evildoers will do whatever you have them do." (From the article "What Are Supernormal Abilities") We can use supernormal abilities to bring under control those malicious people -- it would be quite easy. How dare ordinary people fight against gods! The result would be the same as hitting a rock with an egg. We will remain ordinary people if we kept thinking with ordinary people's notions, and we will become gods if we use the mindset of gods. "But what I'm teaching you is in fact moving beyond everyday people ..." (From the article "Cautionary Advice" in Essentials for Further Advancement) As cultivators we need to judge everything based on the Fa. So many practitioners have managed to break through the persecution in an upright manner, isn't that validation of the mighty virtue of the Fa and of the disciples? How could the evil and the low-level beings manipulate the great and magnificent kings or lords of the universes! How could it be possible that they can curse us whenever they like, beat us whenever they like, and even kill us whenever they like? We have borne a great deal of hardships and tribulations in the past in order to assimilate to the Fa. However, Teacher has taken us into the Fa and restored our true bodies. How can we allow ourselves be manipulated by the evil? Now is the time for us to awaken, to get rid of all our attachments, and step out of the evil's nest in an upright and dignified manner!

3. About the evil's source of energy

I personally believe that there are two sources of energy for the evil. One is that rectifying the Fa in this dimension now means that every Fa-rectification disciple needs to utilize righteous thoughts and righteous belief in the Fa to eliminate all the messy, base thoughts. This is part of what it means to send forth righteous thoughts. These thoughts that should be eliminated include what we as humans can and cannot recognize. Those unrecognized notions residing in our own spatial fields are precisely the old evil forces. That is to say that those spatial fields that have not yet been cleansed are where the old evil forces are able to exist. They have their roots in those spatial fields. During the Fa-rectification cultivation, the attachments that we have not yet realized will increase its energy. That is because "Typically, when an everyday person thinks about something, what he or she generates is something in the form of the brain. Because it does not have energy, it will disperse shortly afterwards. A practitioner's energy, on the other hand, can be preserved much longer. " (From Zhuan Falun Lecture Five, "Consecration") For example, the evil regime announced and executed the edict to "shoot on sight." Some practitioners told me, "It's getting tight again. The evil is running rampant. It is said that there will be another large-scale search and arrest. Do be careful!" I felt the atmosphere in my spatial dimension becoming uneasy. I realized that something must be awry, so I immediately started to look for the reasons behind it -- it was the attachment of fear. So I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it, and then I felt peaceful and serene again. The evil always appears to be powerful, yet it is really weak inside. The more you feel that things are "tight," the more it will appear to be so. We should not be careless during the Fa-rectification, and we need to treat the issue of security seriously. However, if too many practitioners think too much about this issue or place too much importance on it, the evil's actions in this dimension would actually be strengthened because the thoughts of practitioners have powerful energy. Righteous thoughts are extremely powerful. However, will there be any negative effects if the thoughts are not pure? Teacher said of the head of the evil regime, "The breadth of its mind is incomparably small while its desires are incomparably large. Its courage is incomparably small while its jealousy is incomparably large." (From The North America Lecture Tour) How could it behave so crazily if it's courage is incomparably small? That is because we haven't reached the level of "Buddha nature has no omissions." So the old forces made the head of the evil regime appear to be strong. We can see how important it is to uproot our impure or unrighteous thoughts, to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them, and not to let the old forces to take advantage of loopholes. Another source of energy for the evil is the protection it is receives from the thoughts of the ordinary people who have not heard the truth. We need to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate this. In this way, we can save those ordinary people while eliminating the evil.

Another issue is that when the practitioners face persecution or clarify the truth to ordinary people, we must keep a compassionate heart. If we complain to those people or hold grievances towards them, our incorrect thoughts would strengthen the evil because the bad thoughts are just what the wicked beings need. If the practitioners' thoughts are pure and benevolent, the evil's energy will be reduced continuously. Just as Teacher said, "Indestructible righteous faith in the cosmos' Truth forms benevolent Dafa disciples' rock-solid, Diamond-Like Bodies, it frightens all evil, and the light of Truth it emanates makes the unrighteous elements in all beings' thoughts disintegrate." (From the article "Also in a Few Words" in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

4. About the wording used in the truth-clarifying fliers

Many fliers contain the two sentences, "Restore the Reputation of Falun Dafa" or "Restore the Reputation of our Teacher." Personally, I think that as Fa-rectification disciples, we need to get rid of all vestiges of the human mindset. Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa, with the most righteous, truest principles. Teacher is the greatest and most compassionate enlightened being. It is a mistake and a crime for those vicious people to slander the Fa. We should not acknowledge this. However, we have unintentionally mixed some human mindset into these two sentences. It is as if we have recognized the evil's persecution against the Fa, and now we want to correct it. Regarding such a magnificent Fa, what qualifications does the evil have to comment upon It? "Have you thought of the fact that this is the Fa of the cosmos? How could people just beat you at will? How could they just clear your name at will? Humans are not worthy!" (From The North America Lecture Tour) Thus, I think it is inappropriate to use these two sentences in our truth-clarification fliers.

Some fliers use the sentence, "Whoever removes this flier will be punished." It is a valid warning. However, only those people who have predestined relationships with the Fa would ever be given the chance to read the truth-clarification fliers. Those wicked people won't deserve to read it. So we need to use more compassionate, peaceful words to make it easier for the ordinary people to accept the truth. For example, we can say, "Forever remember 'Truth, Compassion, Forbearance,' and a wonderful future will await you." Or we can say, "To cherish Falun Dafa is to cherish your own life." This kind of wording shows our kind intention of saving people because our goal is to help people to learn the truth.

5. About using the media to clarify the truth

Everything was created for the Fa, and everything can be used by the Fa. Almost every day, there are available hotlines on different radio talk shows. We can call in using prepaid phone cards to clarify the truth to the audience of those programs. It is easy, safe and convenient. The practitioners abroad make long-distance calls while we can use local public phones. Since we have so many practitioners in Mainland China, we can achieve a very good result. The Fa-rectification truth-clarification will be more harmonious and complete.

The above is my personal understanding. Please correct me if I have stated anything inappropriate.