(Clearwisdom.net) Jiao Zhensheng, male, 66 years old, was an officer from the Human Resources Department for Baiquan County, Heilongjiang Province. Before he took up cultivation practice, he used to suffer from more than a dozen illnesses, such as cerebral thrombosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis and angina pectoris, which had been diagnosed at Beijing's Xiehe Hospital and the Second Institute of Harbin Medical University. Although his monthly medical expenses amounted to several hundred Yuan, nothing worked, and he felt mentally and physically exhausted and found it extremely hard to bear the pain and agony. Someone introduced Jiao and his wife to Falun Gong. He started practicing Falun Gong in March 1996, and conducted himself as a cultivator. A few months later, all his illnesses disappeared and he never had another injection or took another pill since, saving the country a large amount of money on medication. He often said that Falun Dafa had given him a second life. Of his own accord he accepted the responsibility of being head of the Assistance Center of Baiquan County, and offered his voluntary services to others with great warmth and enthusiasm. Leaders and colleagues at work, neighbors, relatives and friends were all amazed at the enormous mental and physical change in him.

After July 20, 1999 when the evil political clique started to persecute Falun Gong, Mr. Jiao Zhensheng endured enormous pressure from various segments of society, harassing and threats from the police, constant questioning, surveillance and phone-tapping by the neighborhood committee and the work unit leaders. His house was illegally searched at the onset of the "7.20" persecution, (July 20th, 1999) and his formerly peaceful and harmonious family was thrown into a state of terror.

In the middle of October 2000, because his wife went to appeal for Dafa in Beijing, Gao Yinglie, the Political Commissar from Baiquan County's Police Department incited Chen Jingman, Political Security Section Head and his gang to once again search Mr. Jiao's house illegally, without any warrant. They took him away and put him into a detention center, accusing him of supporting his wife's appeal in Beijing. They also made much fuss about the case on local TV. By the 11th day in the detention center, because he was not allowed to practice the Falun Gong exercise, Jiao Zhensheng showed symptoms of angina pectoris. As the authorities in the detention center and the police of the county police department did not want to bear any responsibility, they urgently contacted his family to take him to the hospital. While in the hospital, he resumed his exercises and quickly recovered without having any injections or taking any medicine. Seeing he had recovered, Gao Yinglie, against strong protest from Jiao's family, extorted 2,000 Yuan from his family for "releasing on bail for medical treatment." Jiao was still not allowed to go home, though, until after his family paid another 2,000 Yuan as "deposit."

Due to the severe mental and physical abuse he suffered while in the detention center, a month after he got home he suffered a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. He was out of danger after emergency treatment in the hospital. When he returned home, after being subjected again to constant police harassment, Jiao suffered another cerebral hemorrhage and passed away.

The evil clique took away the second life Falun Dafa had given Jiao Zhensheng. This is another debt of blood owed by Jiang's gang of political hooligans.

Unit directly responsible for his death:

The First Police Station of Baiquan County, Tel, 452-7323219

Those directly responsible for his death:

Gao Yinglie, former Political Commissar of Baiquan County Police Department, now transferred to Kedong County Police Department, Tel, 452- 4323346 (office)

452-7323156 (home)

Chen Jingman, Political Security Section Head of Baiquan County Police Department,

Tel, 0452-7322548 (home)