Summary of News from Mainland Chinaá

Today, one hundred and thirty seven people solemnly declared that all their words and deeds against Falun Dafa while being brainwashed are all null and void. They regret their actions and said that they will resume their path of cultivation well and redouble their efforts to compensate for the losses they caused to Dafa. They will expose the evil, clarify the truth to people of the world and be determined in cultivating Falun Dafa to the end.

The brutal means the unlawful officials of Hongshan Township of Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province used to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners are too numerous to document. Yan, the thug in the local Appeals Office, forced a 10-month-old baby to drink ice water and used violence against him.

Some of the evil people in the working units are:

The Vice Secretary Jiang Huazhong, the person responsible for persecuting Falun Gong. Tel: 86-533-5810091 or 86-533-5810059.

The Local Township Police Station, Tel: 86-533-5810744 or 86-533-5810855.

The Township Guju Police Station, Tel: 86-533-5810320.

These are the phone numbers of institutions and people responsible for the persecution and death of Feng Guoguang, former head of Xilin Town, Yi County, Hebei Province.

Baoding City Forced Labor Camp, 86-312-219-1000

Baoding City Police Department chief Jia Ruiqi, 86-312-302-6139

Dingzhou "610 Office" 86-312-231-9448

Baoding City Beishi District Police Department chief Zhao Wencong,

86-312-202-3588 (office); 86-139-3021-5888 (cell phone)

Practitioners in China sincerely wish success for the experience-sharing conference in Indonesia on March 1-3, 2002.

News From Abroad

After learning the truth, some Chinese people in Ireland called their families and told them the truth about Dafa. Some took truth-clarifying materials back to China for their families and friends. Many got rid of their habit of cursing. Some asked for an "I support Falun Dafa" button to wear, and quite a few have already started to read Dafa books and do the exercises.

After seeing the article "Five Female Practitioners Driven to Extreme Measures in Wanjia Labor Camp" [reference: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/3/1/19386.html], a practitioner from the U. S. immediately called Wanjia Labor Camp and condemned the perpetrators' atrocity against Dafa practitioners.

Cultivation Stories

Falun Gong practitioners from Taiwan: Mr. Lin often quarreled with his wife before practicing Dafa. When it was serious, his mood would be low for quite a few days. After starting cultivation, whenever Mr. Lin again quarreled with his wife, he had disturbing feelings even after he just said a few sentences -- he knew in his heart that he did not "forbear." He felt embarrassed and stopped talking quickly. Now Mr. Lin feels great in his entire body, and he has found his calling in life.

A philosophy teacher introduced Falun Dafa in the classroom in 1996:

After beginning to practice, I found that the principles that I had regarded as enormously profound now became crystal clear in front of me, as though I was looking down from an elevated vantage point. My studies got better and better. I understood why I lived and what the purpose of life was.

The only thought I had was to follow the Teacher home:

One day, while staring at the white clouds in the sky, I made a promise: I would follow the Buddha School after I got married and had kids. Indeed I learned Dafa right after my marriage and my wife's pregnancy. I found that Dafa was all encompassing and profound. All of my past experiences were covered in Teacher's lectures. I knew that this was the true Fa.