Gratitude to the Practitioners from Germany

Once when I gave a truth-clarifying pamphlet to an assistant professor, she mentioned a good friend of hers. She said that her friend went to Germany and saw an article published on a local Chinese newspaper entitled "Why does China say Falun Gong is bad when the rest of the world says Falun Gong is good?" Her friend was shocked by the article. After coming back to China, her friend told her that the propaganda inside China is completely opposite of what is said outside of China. A life is being saved due to the German practitioners' efforts in clarifying the truth!

I admire them!

My cousin by marriage is a police officer working in a labor camp. For a few months we deliberately went to visit her and her husband to clarify the truth. It is known that the labor camp illegally detains hundreds of Dafa practitioners. The team in the labor camp where she works also detains many female Data practitioners. We clarified the truth to them, telling them about the principle that good will be rewarded with good, evil met with evil, and the importance of moral standards. She agreed with us and expressed her helplessness towards Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong. They were very concerned for my safety and told me to protect myself first. I obtained information about the detained practitioners and asked her to treat the practitioners nicely. She said, "I admire them!"

Your Master is noble and mighty!

While I was working in a company, I went to Beijing 3 times to validate Dafa. Every time I went, my boss would shed tears. The first time I went, my boss was determined to give me 2000 Yuan and said, "Wang, it doesn't matter what the TV programs say, all I can see in you is goodness. Your Master must be noble and mighty!" He always had a positive attitude towards Dafa and said that it is the true orthodox Fa. Before I was forced into homelessness, my boss told me not to go to work and do as much as I can from home. I claimed a reduction in pay, but my boss would not let me take the pay cut. When the police was trying to find me, my boss informed me immediately and spoke up for me to the police.

I believe what you said - I have been listening

Once I was clarifying the truth to my uncle. Although my uncle is very busy, he watched the VCD that I brought him. After he finished watching the VCD, he suddenly realized the truth and said, "I see that it is like this. I believe you - I have been listening to what you've said." Then he said that when he went to Hong Kong, he saw positive coverage of Falun Gong occasionally. I said that if he wanted to learn Falun Gong, he could learn it in private. He immediately expressed his view, "That would be meaningless, and it should not be against the law to do it. If I learn, I'd learn it openly." I was moved upon hearing this.