After Teacher's article "Hurry Up And Tell Them" was published, I realized even more clearly the urgency of the Fa rectification, and I truly hoped that I could do more to clarify the true situation and to do it well. But there was so much truth clarification work that could be done! I had limited time and energy every day, so how could I do my best within the entire body of Dafa practitioners?

Writing truth clarification materials for Dafa websites, going to Internet chat rooms, clarifying the truth to relatives and friends, sharing experiences with other practitioners so that we can elevate as a whole and better keep up with the Fa rectification process etc; these were just some of the things I took part in. Even though I was truly very busy, my mind was not steady and firm. One day, after calming down to study the Fa, I realized that no matter how tight my schedule was, in order to do Fa rectification work well, it is critical that I have a clear understanding of the Fa. I need to objectively understand what is required of me during the Fa rectification, how to place emphasis on different things while still remaining calm and levelheaded, and how do every task well so that it meets the standard of a Dafa practitioner's every thought and action. I need to pay attention not to mix a human mind set into Fa rectification.

After studying the Fa more, I realized that Teacher once said (not exact words) that Dafa practitioners' main body is in mainland China and many precious high level beings reincarnated in China during this time period. The evil's persecution of Dafa is also concentrated in China, so the difficulties and majority of the work that needs to be done to validate Dafa is also in China. Therefore, the main body of Dafa practitioners' truth clarification work is in China. Dafa practitioners from China are the main theatrical characters in the large play before the magnificent Fa-rectification of the human world begins. Practitioners outside China need to coordinate well with each other to support and assist the mainland Dafa practitioners. In doing so, Dafa practitioners as a whole can do well together during the last act of the play. Of course, this is not to say that there is no need to clarify the truth and expose the evil to the Chinese outside of mainland China; on the contrary, this is also critically important.

After coming to this understanding of the big picture of Fa-rectification (in the human world), I found my position. Now, within my abilities, I do as much as I can in an orderly way based on my understanding of supporting and assisting mainland Dafa practitioners. For example, I got involved in the task of organizing truth clarification information and gathering articles. This task appears to be simple and it draws little attention, but it provides convenience to mainland China Dafa practitioners who browse the Internet to obtain technical information. I actively edit and improve currently available information packages on Dafa websites to enable mainland practitioners to produce materials to clarify the truth more easily and quickly after downloading the articles. I also thought of many ways to find and collect the reactions of mainland Chinese people after they learned the truth of Dafa and the persecution. This will help to strengthen and enrich the content of truth clarification materials to different groups in China such as officials, young students, elderly etc.

As a result, even though the workload has increased, my mind is calm and my anxiety is gone. I can now do everything steadily and carry it through to the end. Every extra effort and sacrifice we make will play a strong supporting role in the "Grand Stage in China" to make this final theatrical performance more brilliant. Wonderful Fa rectification cultivation!