On January 23, 2001, a policeman from Songlin Police Station came to my home and deceived me, leading me against my will into a labor camp.

1. April 2001

The policemen had locked us inside 24 hours a day. Seeing that their persecution did not shake our faith even after months of abuse, they started to play other tricks. They forced us outside to walk, do physical exercises, play games, and dance etc. From studying the Fa, we came to realize that what they had been doing is using another way -- entertainment -- to break down our will in cultivation, attempting to pull us down. So this is another form of persecution that we should firmly resist, and must not be deceived by it.

Accordingly, all four practitioners from our room refused to go out and join the activities. I told the police: "We are innocent, we did not do anything wrong. Our being detained here is illegal, so we cannot be manipulated to do whatever you wish." On the third day, a policewoman came: "If you do not go, you will be responsible for all consequences." We were not afraid and also tried our best to clarify the facts about Dafa to her. On the fourth day, four policemen came from the Police Station. Without saying a thing, they began beating me on the neck with electric-shock batons. Policewoman Gong Chunbo searched me in an indecent way, finding nothing. She demanded, "Are you going or not?" I firmly answered, "I am not going." A policeman said, "Cuff her up and take her down."

I was then taken downstairs to the meeting room. Four policemen brutally beat me on the head simultaneously, swearing at me all the time. This lasted over 10 minutes. When they got tired, they stood me against the wall and asked me again why I would not go to the activities. Before I could say anything, they started shocking my neck with the electric batons again. During the next half hour, the four men hit me and shocked me with their batons. This caused my neck to turn black and purple. I persisted in clarifying the facts about Dafa to them with compassion in my heart whenever I had a chance. This stunned them. The power of Dafa was shocking the evil. Other policemen were also influenced.

2. August 2001

The police ordered us to do forced labor, but we refused. They locked us up in a room of about 11 square yards (approx. 110 sq. ft.) and made us sit in rows on small stools. A policeman then read the "rules" to us the whole morning. The next day I realized that this was being forced upon us, and from my understanding of the Fa, we should not cooperate with the evil persecuting Dafa. Therefore, I told them, "I will not go, because I am innocent." Policeman Wang Xiurong heard what I had said and told policeman Gao Xiaohua to take me into the office. Fellow practitioners all stood up to protect me, attempting to stop them from taking me away.

Having forcefully dragged me into the office, Division Leader He Qiang called in four to five policewomen and told Gao Xiaohua, "Take her down stairs and tie her up." They took me downstairs and tied me to a bed with both arms out to the sides. Later they tied down another four practitioners in the same fashion. We were not allowed to wash up for three days. The police made the other inmates watch us and make sure we did not get up. We would be untied only at mealtime and restroom breaks. I realized that this is persecution in the form of physical torture, and we should not allow it to continue. Thus, we decided to start a hunger strike.

Four days into the hunger strike the police locked me up in isolation. He Qiang came with two policemen. One policeman came holding a spoon, and another policeman brought a bowl of rice and tried to persuade me, "Just make this an exception. For my sake, have something to eat today." I answered, "I will not eat. You are persecuting me. I only wanted to say words of justice, and should not have been mistreated like this." Seeing that my heart was rock solid, the evil started swearing. I then said, "See, when I do not cooperate with you, your true face is revealed." They finally left while swearing loudly. 20 days later, I was untied.

The other three practitioners remained tied down in another room, and Gong Chunbo continued to read the "rules" to them. Fellow practitioner Zhang Hong started to recite "Lunyu" (the preface of Zhuan Falun) aloud. The police rushed over to cover her mouth in a hurry, causing Zhang Hong to bleed. Her mouth was full of blood, which made the police scared. They immediately stopped reading the "rules" and left defeated.

We were returned to our room upstairs. We found that in the corridor there were signs and posters defaming Dafa and Master. We studied Master's lecture at the Washington D.C. Conference many times. After sharing our understandings, we realized that in order to save sentient beings, we must let go of the thought of life and death and protect Dafa. We exhausted all means, written or verbal, to clarify the facts demanding He Qiang to take down the signs. There was no response. Finally, we decided that we should remove the signs ourselves. One day, an opportunity came. During break time around 10 a.m., fellow practitioners destroyed the small signs along the corridor. After a bit of effort, we also managed to break the big sign hanging in the doorway to the main lounge.

The police then beat us violently in a rampage. They verbally slandered Dafa and Master while swearing. We all remained clam and peaceful, not returning any of the abuses, while guiding them with compassion at the same time. When they became tired from beating us, they told us to write down why we had removed the signs. While each policeman was supervising one practitioner, we were forced to write non-stop for four to five days. We made good use of this opportunity to promote Dafa and clarifying the facts (we normally have no access to pen and paper). Among us, three practitioners received an additional one to three month labor terms. In this atmosphere of terror, and under the difficult environment, practitioners protected Dafa and safeguarded the truth with their lives.

One day, a group of policemen came and dragged all 20 practitioners by force to a production plant to work on making paper cartons. We refused. They then resorted to corporal punishment, forced us to stand, and interrogated each of us in turn. They wanted us to answer why we had refused to do the labor. Again, we refused to cooperate. Then we sat down and started reciting Master's teachings. The police were at their wits' end, and did not know what to do. We successfully protected Dafa's dignity once more.