(Clearwisdom.net) The United Morning News reported that a "Special Executive Meeting to Administer TV Satellite Dishes in Beijing" was held on December 12, 2001. The meeting stipulated that "any work units or individuals who have installed satellite TV dishes without the government's prior approval must immediately dismantle the devices, and those who are broadcasting overseas satellite TV programs through enclosed cable systems must immediately stop doing so."

Jiang XX's regime also decreed that any work units or individuals who fail to dismantle the satellite TV dishes and continue to broadcast overseas satellite TV programs through enclosed cable systems before December 30, 2001 will be subject to "confiscation of the illegal equipment and fines of up to 5,000 Yuan for individuals or 50,000 Yuan for work units."

According to Xinhua News Agency, Hu Zhanfan, Associate Director of the Chinese National Radio and Television Broadcasting Bureau, who is in charge of administering the directive, claimed that the special task of supervising TV satellite dishes is "important for social stability, for controlling information and for shaping public opinion."

The report also cited the words of Jiang Xiaoyu, Chief of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, that broadcasting overseas satellite TV programs through enclosed cable systems "seriously undermines social stability."

Recently, the Jiangxi Province government dispatched military personnel to Wanzai County in order to block the news about a heavy explosion which occurred there on December 31, 2001. According to reports from news media in Hong Kong and Mainland China, after the serious accident, Jiangxi Province government officials mobilized over a thousand police and military personnel to stop Chinese and foreign reporters and others who came in flocks, trying to view the disaster area. Guard posts were set up over 10 kilometers away from the disaster scene. Some Hong Kong reporters were even directly "invited" to the police department as soon as they got off the train.

In the meantime, the Changchun City Fengman District Court sentenced two Falun Gong practitioners, Qiao Hui and Pan Zhaorui, to 5 and 10 years in prison respectively in the first round of their trial. The "crime" they committed was revealing the truth about Falun Gong. Qiao "posted over 530 copies of Falun Gong flyers and other materials." Pan printed "over 30,000 copies of adhesive Falun Gong stickers," and "installed speakers outside the city labor camp wall" to broadcast a tape clarifying the truth about Falun Gong.

It is not difficult to see that Jiang XX (labeled a "human rights scoundrel" by Amnesty International) and his followers are exploiting all means to deceive the Chinese people and the world for their self-interests. They have blocked the dissemination of all factual news in order to cover up their crimes. They have been duping and deceiving the unfortunate common people in Mainland China with no regard for the law or social morality. All that people can see or hear is filtered through the official government media-control system.

Falun Gong practitioners have great compassion. They spend their own savings to print truth-clarifying materials and distribute them at the risk of being arrested, tortured, sent to labor camps or prisons, and even killed. Their wish is to save people who are not aware of the truth from doing evil deeds, to help people live dignified lives, and to help all living beings have a better future. In today's society, which is driven by material interests, only Falun Dafa practitioners have such great courage.

Let us all stand up against the Jiang XX regime. Together we can break through the information blockade and lead dignified and truthful lives.