(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Hong, female, 39 years old, was a resident of Changtan Township, Liaozhong County. She went to Beijing to validate Dafa on December 1st, 2000. She was illegally sent to labor re-education centers. She was transferred to five different detention centers because she never gave up her faith. She received inhuman treatment in the prison, which resulted in her having severe kidney failure. She lost her young life from a grave injustice.

Ever since her detention until her death, she suffered nine months of living hell, enduring both mental and physical tortures. During illegal detention, she was tortured as following:

  • In Shenyang City Detention Center, she suffered electric shocks, icy water showers (in April), boiling water bottles burning her back and lower belly, having a plastic bottle repeatedly forced into her vagina, and many other physical "punishments" and tortures.
  • In Zhangshi Re-education Institute, she was tied up with ropes all over her body, her mouth was stuffed with towels, then they beat her up for several hours with wooden boards. She was beaten on her head, face, and other parts of her body, while having a male prisoner sit on top of her.
  • In Longshan Re-education Camp, they forced her head between her legs, tied her legs tightly together, then tied her hands behind her back. They ordered her to stand straight, otherwise they would beat her up. The longest duration that this kind of physical torture was used on her was more than 20 hours. Another kind of physical torture was forcing her to sit on the floor, straighten her legs, then tie her head onto one leg, then tie both of her hands behind her back, which also lasted 20 hours. The camp supervisor instigated prisoners to grip her by the neck, thus almost choking her to death.

Among the United Nations conventions and agreements signed by China, the "Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment" says nobody should torture women and children in prisons mentally or physically. But the above facts reveal that women in China are indeed being subjected to inhuman torture and mistreatment. Jiang Zemin's political gang of scoundrels announced that they are managing the country with virtue and what they view at the present moment is the best human rights period in our civilized, big nation. Aren't they slapping their own faces?

The above tortures really did happen in Longshan Re-education Institute, Zhangshi Re-education Institute, and Shenyang city Detention Center in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

All kind-hearted people, let us give voice to our righteous call: Stop the killing and torture of all incarcerated Falun Dafa practitioners by Jiang Zemin's evil gang!

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Falun Dafa Practitioner Wang Hong Tortured to Death in Shenyang City's Longshan Labor Camp