1. Hourly Reminder

The only important thing in sending out hourly righteous thoughts is that we need to be reminded. But it's quite easy to solve this problem. These days, many inexpensive electronic watches carry an hour reminder function.

2. My Understanding of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

Currently, more and more Dafa practitioners have realized the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts. In addition to the weekly sending of righteous thoughts in a group, local practitioners send them twice a day, at set times in the morning and in the evening. Many practitioners even send forth righteous thoughts every hour on the hour in order to use their maximum capacity to eliminate the evil. However, some practitioners have concerns about it and some are afraid of their level not being high enough and that excessive sending of righteous thoughts might cause them to become physically exhausted. Actually, the consumed energy will be quickly and automatically replenished. Many practitioners feel that the more they are able to send forth righteous thoughts in a calm state, the more they can eliminate the evil from the perspective of being compassionate to all beings. Not only will they not feel tired, instead, they can even get rid of fatigue and eliminate interference.

When we send forth righteous thoughts, imagine ourselves as a god with an enormous body. My understanding is that this can reinforce the strength of our righteous thoughts from the depth of our hearts and therefore eradicate the evil more powerfully. But if we give tacit consent to such degenerated notions that we will be tired after sending forth thoughts, we will be likely interfered with by the evil.

Here, I want to talk about my experience in sending forth righteous thoughts on the hour. Since the beginning of September, I was constantly harassed almost once a day by police and street office personnel. I felt very tired both physically and mentally, and was under great pressure. Beginning from September 7, I started sending forth righteous thoughts at integral hours. At 3 p.m. after I finished, the agitation that had lasted for days suddenly disappeared, and my mind immediately recovered to become serene and calm. I realized that, in our dimension, on the surface, the vicious police were harassing me, but in fact, in other dimensions, those corrupted high-level beings were manipulating the evil forces (that are hiding in the dimensional segments within the Three Realms) to attack me as a group. When I was caught up in that big evil material field, naturally I would feel very uncomfortable. This fatigue was absolutely not just a psychological effect. When I incessantly sent forth righteous thoughts, those evil materials in other dimensions were eliminated, so my human side also immediately became light.

In this special historical period, Teacher teaches us the Fa rectification verse and demonstrates the Hand Signs for us. In appearance, disciples are helping Teacher to rectify the Fa; in fact, just as a practitioner has said, "I saw practitioners with different xinxing [mind and heart nature] levels have different dimensional segments. Those with higher xinxing have fewer dimensional segments, even very few; those with lower xinxing have very complicated dimensional segments. When practitioners' xinxing improves, some of the dimensional segments in their dimensional fields would be taken away."

Sending forth righteous thoughts is actually an amulet Teacher gives Dafa disciples so as to protect us, and it is an important assurance for practitioners to overcome massive tribulations right now. We send forth righteous thoughts and recite the verse, and they are sharp weapons Teacher gives us to break through the old forces' siege on practitioners. The old elements exist in every practitioner's dimensional field. As we send forth righteous thoughts, we are clearing out these corrupted things. As for this corresponding human dimension, the direct "benefit" is that the tribulation is decreased or disappears.

I think that Fa rectification practitioners correspond to the tens of millions of new immense cosmic systems. Our sending forth righteous thoughts is clearing out the hidden evil within our corresponding systems. This is not an extra expenditure for Dafa or doing something for Teacher, instead, it is a responsibility that Dafa practitioners should take.