Deputies from the "4.28" Special Case Group Wang Shengli, Li Dabin, Huang XX, and another thug (whose identity is being investigated and who is a relative of Zhang Shiyao), are the murderers who beat disabled Dafa practitioner Zhang Shengfan to death [please see Disabled Falun Gong Practitioner Zhang Shengfan Killed by Police in China ].

On June 9, 2001, disabled Dafa practitioner Zhang Shengfan was taken away in a police car together with the bench from his apartment that he had clung to as the police dragged him from his home. On the way he was brutally beaten in the car. By the time he was carried out of the car, he had bruises and wounds all over his body.

The whereabouts of the "4.28" Special Case Group's operating base is known only to a few people. Members of this group carry out secret persecutions against Dafa practitioners. During inquisitions they immediately torture practitioners who do not cooperate. After Zhang Shengfan was murdered, the members of the "4.28" group were exhilarated during interrogations of other Dafa practitioners, "Yes, we killed Zhang Shengfan. He died quite some time ago, and you still dare to step forward? Are you not afraid of death? We beat Zhang Shengfan to death using this. If you can survive this without dying, you will loose your skin." The instrument of torture to which they referred was a baton-like tool made with multiple strands of electrical cords. When they beat up practitioners they would spare no area from head to toe.

After Dafa practitioner Zhang Shengfan was beaten to death by these four brutes, their superiors behind the scenes completely sealed off the news. They tried every conceivable way to fabricate stories to cover-up the truth. They never expected the four would then make a confession out of their own mouths. The truth was revealed. Their carefully fabricated story and the morbid charade, which lasted 50 days, was laid bare by the killers themselves. Falsified tales can only deceive people for so long.

After Zhang Shengfan was murdered, Vice Chief Zhang Guofu of the Public Security Bureau and other responsible officials first sealed off the news, then they started to make up a false cause of death. They then coerced, threatened, and made hypocritical gestures to the victim's relatives, forcing them to sign the death confirmation, so as to extricate themselves. Zhang Guofu brought with him Detention Center Director Chen and the City Health Department Director to visit Wanlong Village, where Zhang Shengfan lived. They gathered with local police and went to the home of Zhang Shengfan's brother. They coerced them to cooperate with the "government" task of an "autopsy." If they did not cooperate they would stand to lose their jobs. (Zhang Shengfan's brother is a doctor.) Zhang Shengfan's sister in law became seriously ill due to fright, and she is still under intensive care at the hospital.

Zhang's family members went to many different organizations to seek justice for Zhang Shengfan. They received sympathy and support from many of them. They visited and appealed at the Shuangcheng City Government, City Public Security Bureau, City Procurator Office, City Branch of the National People's Congress, City Office of Appeals, and City Handicapped Associations. Yet all the officials would only express their sympathy, and dared not to offer any direct involvement. Some of them said, "The top official of the city, Zhu Wenqing, does not allow us to get involved. If you can get his authorization, then we can help you." Please take a close look at what kind of society and legal system exist today in China?

Zhang's family continued with their endeavor of appeals. They continued their effort to Harbin City Branch of the National People's Congress, Harbin Public Security Bureau, Procurator Office, Handicapped Association, Office of Appeals, etc. Then, they went further to the Province level. They went to Provincial Branch of the National People's Congress, Provincial Government Office, Procurator Office, Office of Appeals, and the Handicapped Association. All these high-level government offices expressed their sympathy to the family, and their outrage towards the death of Dafa practitioner Zhang Shengfan that took place at Shuangcheng Public Security Office. Some of them actually made inquiries to the Shuangcheng Public Security Bureau. Zhang Guofu (vice chief) immediately offered his ready-made story, and completely denied all allegations.

Nevertheless the killers still had the audacity to brag about their savage killing. How is this case going to be investigated? How will the murderers be prosecuted? We appeal to all people in the world, and Chinese citizens, to express their concern on this matter.

Up to today, Zhang's family has not seen Zhang Shengfan's body after more than 50 days. Everything was being "arranged" by Shuangcheng Public Security Bureau. How could there not be a skeleton in the closet?

We appeal to all generous people, governments, organizations, and human rights groups in the world to show their utmost concern and support. Stop Jiang Zemin political gang's persecutions, torture and killing of Falun Gong practitioners. Let's put an end to these savage acts.