As Dafa disciples in the human world, we "have been entrusted with a great historic mission." ( Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference ). Since the beginning of the evil's persecution against Dafa over two years ago, disciples have been stepping forward in large numbers to safeguard the Fa, expose the evil, and save all beings.

Now, with our global SOS: Urgent! appeal, we set our goals high, and take the last step, as big as possible, to fundamentally finish off the evil's test of Dafa and Dafa practitioners. From one angle, the persecution in Mainland China will be completely stopped; from another, the evil in the Three Realms that has been assaulting the Fa will be completely eradicated.

Our, cross-Canada SOS Tour will further expose the evil from coast to coast, denying it any environment in which to exist, and at the same time will offer, in various ways, more beings the chance to place themselves in their future, and ultimately obtain the Fa. The tour will cover thousands and thousands of kilometers and dozens and dozens of cities, from the large to the small, and from the easily accessible to the remote.

Our effort, whether it is those who are traveling on the tour, the support team behind them, or other practitioners in different environments, also aims at enabling us to cultivate out every last remaining attachment. "If a cultivator can let go of the thought of life and death under any circumstances, evil is bound to be afraid of him. If every practitioner is able to do this, evil will of itself no longer exist." ( Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s) ).

We hope that our effort can reinforce the righteous field worldwide, and that, as one body, across the globe we will truly "finish up this last step." ( Speech by Master Li Hongzhi at the Western US Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference of Falun Dafa )

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