The chief of Hanjiayuanzi Forestry Bureau Police Station in Huma County, Heilongjiang Province is killed in an auto "accident."

Zhou Junsheng, the chief of the Hanjiayuanzi Forestry Bureau Police Station in Huma County, Heilongjiang Province, has persecuted Dafa practitioners and has done all kinds of vicious deeds.

At about 10pm on the evening of October 5 last year [Chinese lunar calendar, about November or early December 2000], on his way home from a Karaoke bar, the car he was in lost control and fell from a 6 or 7 meter-high bridge [about 21 ft]. Zhou died on the spot, but the driver was safe and sound.

Yu Wanquan, the wicked policeman in the political and security section of Youyi County, Heilongjiang Province received retribution for brutally beating Dafa practitioners.

Yu Wanquan has brutally persecuted local Dafa practitioners since July 22, 1999. On June 30 of this year, he arrested another six Dafa practitioners, including one less than 12 years old. At the local police station, Dafa practitioners seriously warned Yu Wanquan, "You are not only beating us individuals, but persecuting Dafa. From now on, you will receive immediate retribution." Yu did not believe it, and continued to persecute Dafa practitioners. He and another four or five policemen violently pulled the 12-year-old away from the arms of the other practitioners. These policemen kicked Dafa practitioners on the chests, kidneys and backs with their police boots. As a result, the practitioners suffered from broken lumbar vertebrae, severe swelling of the kidneys and gall bladder, severe bleeding for 17 days, irregular heart beat and so on.

Faced with the vicious policemen, Dafa practitioners sent forth strong righteous thoughts to make them receive immediate retribution.

On an afternoon in late July, while having his lunch, Yu fell from a chair and cracked open the back of his head. His cut was sewed together with two stitches, but the pressure on the nerves in his neck caused complete paralysis of the lower half of his body. He stayed at the local Hongxinglong Administrative Bureau Hospital for a while, but his condition worsened and became untreatable. He is now in a hospital in Beijing, expecting to live miserably for the rest of his life.

Dafa practitioners, seriously warn people: Those who persecute Dafa will surely receive their due retribution!

Phone number of Yu Wanquan's work unit: (86) 469-5813364

His home phone: (86) 469-5813316 (home)