The local government and Police Station of Xianyu Town, Dingxing County, Baoding City, Hebei Province followed Jiang Zemin's orders closely, persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners brutally and without restraint. The following are some of the facts of their persecution of Dafa practitioners.

1. Ma Shuhui (female): On July 24, 1999, she was escorted back from Beijing when she went to appeal. She was beaten up in the town police station for half a day, and then she was illegally locked up in a detention center for 15 days. When she was sent back to the town, she was surrounded by more than 20 people and was forced to write a guarantee statement not to practice Falun Gong. She went to Beijing to appeal again in 1999. After being sent back, she was beaten up by Wang Fan, the secretary of Politics and Law Committee and others, for a whole day and night. Those authorities inflicted serious injuries to her body. She was covered with black and blue bruises, there were cigarette burns on her arms that did not disappear for a month, and she began to suffer from recurring periods of blindness. On the next day, she was sent to a detention center. After holding her for 15 days, they transferred her to a brainwashing class in Xiaohan village. During that period, she endured hunger, thirst, physical punishment, forcible brainwashing, and mental torture. She was transferred back to the town government due to her hunger strike in protest of the inhuman tortures. Because she continued the hunger strike, she suffered more humiliation, curses, and beatings. She was not released until her family paid an illegal fine of 3000 Yuan (about six months salary for an average worker in Chinese cities).

2. Ma Ying (female): She was arrested and sent back on July 24, 1999, for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. She was beaten up by Li Jinfu for half a day and then was illegally detained for 7 days and charged 230 Yuan for meals. In September 1999, she and her husband went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. Wang Fan and his followers could not find them and turned to Ma Ying's mother. Ma Ying's mother was beaten up severely. Her body was covered with wounds and bruises, and her eyes were swollen so much that she couldn't open them. She lay on the ground unconscious for two days. Half a year later, pus still drained from her wounds. Over the following months Ma Ying was illegally detained in the village government several times. She was forced to write a guarantee statement and materials of "exposure." In 2000, she had been detained illegally for half a year because she was betrayed while distributing Dafa materials. Now she wanders about and we do not know her whereabouts.

3. Jing Wenwu: He was illegally sentenced to 5 years in jail for distributing Dafa materials. He suffered brutal beatings and illegal searches of his home many times by the ruffians in the town government.

4. Jing Hai: He was illegally sentenced to 3 years in jail due to distributing Dafa materials and suffered brutal beatings many times. He was forced to write a guarantee statement and suffered various tortures, such as being forced into a kneeling position, etc. He was detained for one month in September 1999 without reason and then was transferred to the town government for another month's detention. He has been illegally detained in the village many times.

5.Li Yongru: He was escorted back because he appealed for Dafa in Beijing in September 1999. He was beaten up for a whole afternoon. Then he was detained illegally for 4 months. His family members took him back home after paying 4000 Yuan. He was illegally detained for another 3 months in 2000 for distributing Dafa materials. He was forced to write a guarantee statement, and his family had to spend 5000 Yuan to get him back.

6. Jing Zhigang: He has been brutally beaten up by the vicious authorities many times since July 22, 1999. After detaining him for 3 months without reason, the officials extorted 4000 Yuan from him. Again he was detained for another 3 months due to distributing Dafa materials in 2000. He suffered hunger and thirst for 100 days and was forced to submit a "fine" of 3000 Yuan: 2000 Yuan as a gift, and another 2000 Yuan with an unofficial receipt.

7. Ma Yunmei (female): She has been illegally detained frequently in the village government and was forced to write a guarantee statement. In the year 2000, because of helping another practitioner, she was detained in the Xianyu Town government for 3 months, suffering through hunger and cold. She was forced to hand in a "fine" of 3000 Yuan. Her family members gave the corrupt officials 2000 Yuan as a present, and received an unofficial receipt for 2000 Yuan.

8.Geng Jinzhu: He was escorted back due to appealing in Beijing in 2000 and suffered a brutal beating. He was stripped and beaten with wet willow twigs for 5 days until he was covered with cuts and bruises. He was illegally detained for 4 months. During the detention, he did not have enough food and had to do heavy work. The hooligans forced him to beat other Dafa practitioners. Later he was fined 4000 Yuan.

9. Lu Yuhui (female), Lu Guiying (female), Yang Jinxia (female) and Guo Fengxia (female) went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa on October 8, 2000, and were escorted back. They suffered savage beatings: "Pi Chai Dun Rou" (a terrible kind of torture). In addition, their anklebones were beaten with a wine bottle, they were jabbed with needles, seized by the hair and slapped in the face, lashed with a #8 reinforcing bar, stripped of their clothes (only underwear left) and lashed with a bamboo broom. Their backsides were beaten to a dark purple color; their faces were bruised. Lu Guiyiny's backside was badly mangled. Three of them (see the following for the other one) have been detained 15 days and everyone was illegally fined 10000 Yuan. From then on they were often detained in the village whenever certain "sensitive days" rolled around.

10. Guo Fengxia (continued): She was beaten until she fainted, then detained for half a year. Now she is wandering about. At the end of July 1999, Wang Fan, Li Jinfu, Wang Suying and Yu Xiuqin threatened her family members if they did not send her to a mental hospital, and there she was abused with drugs and mentally tortured for 4 days. In September 1999, she refused the brainwashing and suffered from savage beatings by Li Jinfu, Liu Hua and Geng Yingjie. She was forced to kneel on the bricks and was detained for 13 days. She was transferred to Xiaohan Village to be brainwashed for 8 days and then transferred back to the detention center. After a 4 day group hunger strike, she was transferred to the town government and held for six and a half days. The government pressured her family members to send her to a mental hospital again. Here, she was tortured severely until she was taken back home by her family members.

The list of names of the criminals who persecuted Dafa practitioners in Xianyu Town:

  1. Pan Jiang, the secretary of the town party committee: the general policymaker, organizer and conductor for the persecution of Falun Gong.
  2. Du Jinxing, the head of the town: the carrier and hatchet man
  3. Wang Fan, the former secretary of Policy and Law Committee: an evil and vicious hatchet man.
  4. Li Jinfu, Li Aimin, the head of Police Station: hatchet men
  5. Tian Xiaonan and his wife: These people gave vicious ideas to the criminals, such as stripping the female practitioners, jabbing them with needles and so on.
  6. Liu Peiqing, Ma Shiyou, Liu Hua, Geng Yingjie, Li Baosheng, Zhang Yuqing, Zhang Wenyong, Guo Shuhe, Wang Junde, Huang He, Li Huifang and Liang Hupo: other hatchet men.
  7. Wang Suying, Zhu Shuhua, Wang Zhongsheng, Li Shusheng, Geng Zhiqiu, Yu Xiuqin, Zhang Fuyun and Wang Erbao: the evil persecutors.

The phone number of the town government: 86-312-6964606

The phone number of the town police station: 86-312-6964372


July 15, 2001