Wu Rong is the nine-month-old infant son of Wu Dianhui and Zhang Wuying. Because his parents persist in practicing cultivation in Falun Gong, Rong, while still in his mother's womb, already had to suffer serious persecution.

Before Rong's birth, his parents were forced to give up their teaching positions because of their appeals for Falun Gong. His father was forced to clean restrooms and do logging work. His expectant mother was forced to do copying work in polluted surroundings with toxic fumes. Moreover, the police authorities from Cuizhu Station often detained the pregnant woman and forced her to stand throughout the entire night.

At the beginning of April 2000, Rong's parents went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. At that time, his mother was over four months pregnant. Twenty or more plainclothes policemen beat her in front of the State Appeals Office. Afterwards, the school officials deceived Rong's parents. They sent the husband and his pregnant wife to a mental hospital and detained them there with truly ill mental patients. While in her fifth month of pregnancy, the nurses tied this expectant mother onto the bed, injected her with unknown substances and force-feed her other drugs.

Rong was born at the end of August 2000. His mother was hospitalized for three days. Each day, her work unit assigned two colleagues to the hospital to watch her. After she checked out of the hospital, the school attendants at the main entrance would not allow any people outside the school to come in to visit her (Note: in China, schools provide housing for teachers). Even the barber who came to cut Rong's hair when Rong turned one full month old was not allowed to come in. When Rong was 42 days-old and his parents brought him back to the gynecological hospital for a check-up, the school authorities especially assigned some people and a car to closely monitor the public transportation vehicle, which his parents rode in. After Rong was 56 days-old, his parents took him back to Shandong Province, their home province. Pei, the deputy chief of the Cuizhu Police Station, led Xu Jiexin, director at the parents' work unit, the Normal School in Changzhou City, and six other policemen at the Changzhou train station in a raid to snatch the parents' checked train tickets away from them. They forcibly grabbed Rong out of his mother's arms and abducted the couple back to their work unit. In order to prevent them from going to Beijing, both the municipal police department and the school, for surveillance purposes, assigned one person to "escort" them to their home province on the next day.

Around the Chinese New Year in 2001, Rong's parents took him back to Shandong Province for a vacation. The municipal police department of Changzhou ordered the local police to frequently visit and harass their daily life routine. On February 28, his parents brought six-months-old Rong back to Changzhou. Eight or so policemen in two police vehicles from the local police station at the Cijiao Train Station intercepted the parents. His parents had done their best to resist this kind of illegal activity, yet they were finally forced to get into the police vehicle. Rong's head and legs were caught and squeezed in the police vehicle's door. Both the little boy's and his mother's clothes were torn up by the police. Because of the frightening experiences, Rong started to have diarrhea and cried throughout the night.

In May of 2001, police from Changzhou kidnapped Rong's father and sentenced him to two years of labor camp without benefit of any legal procedure. The school's security guard, Li Honggen, kept Rong and his mother under 24-hours-a-day surveillance, even when they went to buy food and vegetables. The school took orders from higher government officials to persecute the mother and son, disallowed kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners outside the school to help them, and interrogated whoever had any communication and interactions with them. The police also threatened his mother, saying that once Rong turns one-year-old, they will send her to a labor camp.

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