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A blue knife would be sent out when I recited the verse that Master often uses, "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." The knife shone with a light blue glow and it had a hook on it. Each time when I recited the verse, a knife like that would be sent out. The knife would first cut off, then hook a demon's head. Then the head would be thrown onto a pile. At the same time, the demon's organs would be turned to a kind of rock and fall to the bottom of some mountains or onto some deserts. The demon's shattered bones would become dust when they fell to the Earth. The demon's blood would be transformed to some sort of chemical things and put into a barrel that was twice as large as the sky. The demon's head would finally turn to snow and drop onto snow-capped mountains. The demon's bones would fall into some oil wells in deserts or into some volcanoes. Then they vanished.

Each demon had its own weapons. I know Jiang Zemin was the head of all the demons because every demon had a picture behind it, showing what they looked like in the ordinary human world. It was our Teacher that exposed those pictures to tell us who was who. The head of the demons looked very frightful. It had many big black swellings on its arms and its body. It had two steel teeth in its nose. The teeth rolled up and grew out of its nose. Its lips had two steel teeth also and the demon was extremely fierce. It was easy to deal with those small demons. They fell off and turned to dust whenever Falun radiated red light. Those small demons had supernatural abilities also, but their abilities were not so powerful. They did some kind of practice too. But Falun can hide itself when it goes after the demons. It took their abilities away and turned their abilities to air even before those small demons knew what happened.

The head of the demons, Jiang Zemin, was very tough. The gong sent out by a single Falun couldn't subdue it. Only when Falun gathered together and sent off light bombs collectively, would the head of the demons be killed. Jiang Zemin tried to dodge the bombs and the demon fought back with its steel teeth to bounce the bombs back. The light bombs were sent out from the two spots on the Taichi disk. Altogether, five waves of bombing finally killed Jiang Zemin. The first two waves of bombing blew off its steel teeth and the last three waves of bombings blew off its head and smashed it. It is completely dead now and it turned to dust when it died.

A large Falun led countless small Falun, followed by Dafa practitioners all over the world, including some very young practitioners. Our Teacher was at the back and strengthened the energy for all of us. The smaller the Falun is, the higher density it has.

There is a jail in heaven. In the beginning, the jail was built of wood and many demons were kept there. However, about 1000 demons escaped from the jail using their supernatural abilities, and they ran into the Three Realms. Noticing this, our Teacher then turned the wooden railings of the jail to the purest and most solid gold. Now the demons can't come out again. The demons there feared Falun the most.

On the side of Dafa practitioners, there were red flags at each level, all with the words of "Truthfulness," "Compassion," and "Tolerance." The flags on the demons side were all black, with portraits of some demons' heads.

Teacher told me to go up and fight the demons in the universe. One of the places was called "The District for Heavenly Emperors." The other place was called "The District for Heavenly Ghosts."

The impure gong of some Buddha who did not reach the standards of Dafa was turned to gold and dropped to those snow-capped mountains in Tibet at about 4,000 ~ 4,500 meters above sea level.

Jiang Zemin was the head of all the demons. Zeng Qinghong, Luo Gan and He Zuoxiu ruled the middle level demons. About 3,000 upper level demons were bombed off in this battle, including the most evil ninety-five demons. Still 1,800 demons did not die after the bombing.

The bombing to clean up the 4,800 middle level demons has not started.

A nine-year-old young practitioner told the above narrative based on what he saw from 5am to 7:05am on May 27 2001, Beijing time.