[Northwestern China] Dafa Practitioners Clarify the Truth as a Group

On the evening of May 12, to commemorate the 9th anniversary of Master's public introduction of Falun Dafa, practitioners in a Northwestern city acted together and distributed tens of thousands of flyers that told the truth about Dafa. They posted Dafa leaflets in the streets and alleys. More than 10 loudspeakers sounded out Dafa scriptures simultaneously. The Dafa practitioners returned home safely that evening.

[Southwestern China] Spring Returns to Earth: Some Anecdotes about School Children

Teachers in a grammar school located in a small county in Southwest China received letters explaining the truth about the self-immolation. After going over the information, these teachers held back books that defamed Dafa, and didn't distribute them to students. Only one teacher in another school received such a letter. When some of the other teachers found out, everyone tried to get the letter from him to read.

One day, a student said to a teacher (a Dafa practitioner) that many students felt upset after reading the books containing slanderous attacks on Dafa, and that they didn't want to read them. In addition, some students felt sympathetic toward Falun Gong after reading those slanderous books, and even wanted to learn the practice. It is really true that kind people are always able to discover good things.

One teacher (a Dafa practitioner) talked in class about the truth of Falun Gong and shared the cultivation experiences of some practitioners. A few days later, a parent who was a manager at a company went to this teacher and said, "After my son heard the truth from you, he wouldn't accept anything negative we said about Falun Gong."

[Hefei, Anhui Province] High School Sophomore Goes to Beijing to Appeal: "My parents are not guilty for practicing Falun Gong; Jiang Zemin is guilty for persecuting Falun Gong."

Zhu Meiling is a sophomore at the Affiliated High School of Hefei Industrial College. Her father, Zhu Ming, was illegally sentenced to two years in a labor camp for distributing Dafa materials. Her mother, Hu Yan, was illegally arrested in April. A happy family was thus broken up and destroyed by the lawless minions of Jiang Zemin. In April, Zhu Meiling went to Beijing to appeal, and unfurled a banner in Tiananmen Square that read, "My parents are not guilty for practicing Falun Gong. Jiang Zemin is guilty for persecuting Falun Gong."

Zheng Quan, a practitioner from Wuhu, had been missing since April 3. Recently, someone said that he was illegally detained at the Hefei First Detention Center. His family hasn't received any notification during the past month.

The unlawful "transformation class" in Hefei held more than 40 practitioners. With each practitioner confined to a separate room, they used brainwashing and "fatigue" strategies to "transform" the Dafa practitioners.

[Hengshi City, China] Please Pay Attention to the Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in the Hengshui City Detention Center

The Hengshui City Criminal Detention Center detained more than 20 practitioners for posting Dafa slogans. Xin Mingru was arrested when visiting friends during the day, and Yang Xiai was arrested while helping out at his brother's home outside of town.

Guards in the detention center tortured the Dafa practitioners, cracking a bone in Cui Sufang's arm. Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike to express their strong objection to the unlawful conduct of the guards. Si Xinkun, the chief, and Zhao, the deputy chief, instructed the staff to force-feed the practitioners and to beat them if they didn't cooperate. Dafa practitioners were beaten black and blue. Their faces swelled up so severely that they couldn't even recognize each other. Because they didn't consent to the illegal conduct of the guards, starting May 4, practitioners began to refuse performing forced labor. (Note: the Center forced them to work around 10 hours a day.) The persecution escalated. Every practitioner was put in handcuffs or shackles. Some were handcuffed behind their backs. Those who were put in heavy handcuffs included Yang Xiai, Ming Xiulian, Xin Minru, Shan Shuhong, Song Yunsuo (58 years old), and two other practitioners whose names are unknown. Some were put in special cuffs and shackles so that when fastened to the bed, they could not get up or lie down. When cuffed to the window, the practitioner could only stay in a bent position in a shape similar to an airplane. When released from these special forms of shackling, the practitioners couldn't move at all.

A Dafa practitioner by the name of Li Shufang is being detained at the Hengshui City Criminal Detention Center. She is still wearing her winter clothing. When other practitioners learned about it, they asked one practitioner to bring her some summer clothing, shoes and other amenities. But Geng Zhangwu, the director, rejected that plan.

We ask that all kind-hearted people pay attention to the cruel acts taking place in the Hengshui City Detention Center.

[Wujin, Jiangsu Province] Vicious Acts in the Illegal "Transformation Class"

The criminal acts of Liu Zekun, the deputy bureau chief of the Wujin Public Security Bureau, Xiao Jinquan, the leader of Political Protection, and Chen Weidong, the deputy Bureau Chief for Judicial Bureau, could make people's hair stand on end. For instance, Liu Zekun beat Falun Gong practitioners to the brink of death. Practitioner Wang's head and neck were severely injured, while Tang, another practitioner, was also badly beaten up. He was dragged backwards by the hair with his hands cuffed and his feet shackled. Yang Xuejun was thrown into a mental hospital. Qian, a member of the staff at the "transformation class" said, "Yang Xuejun was not mentally deficient at all when we asked him to play cards or chess. He was very shrewd. But Xiao Jinquan and Liu Zekun gave instructions to send him to the mental hospital." Where are these people's principles? Where is the law? People's are being treated like dirt. Human rights are regarded as child's play, as are the laws.

No matter what happens, we Dafa practitioners will continue to cultivate until the end!

The list of criminals:

Liu Zekun: BPüF86-519-5305959-82004 TELüF86-519-9021180

Xiao JinquanüFBPüF86-519-5305959-80668 TEL: 86-519-6591591

Chen Weidong: BPüF86-519-5305959-32928 MB: 86-13506110563

[Shenzhou, Hebei Province] Dafa Practitioners Are Force-fed Detergent and Salt; They Are On the Brink of Death

One night after dark, some police officers from Shenzhou, Hebei broke into a private residence and arrested a Dafa practitioner. He has been detained at the Shenzhou Detention Center and subjected to various cruel tortures. He was force-fed detergent and salt, among other things. At the same time, there are 27 other practitioners who have refused to write repentance letters who are on the brink of death. Dozens of practitioners are being illegally detained at the city's prison, which belongs to the Traffic Control Bureau. There are also a number of practitioners who have refused to renounce Dafa that are living in exile out of town, leading a homeless life. They have been dispossessed of their human rights. No one takes care of their families or their fields.

[Changchun, Jilin Province] Crimes of the Guards at the Chaoyangou Labor Camp

A deceitful policeman cheated Xiao Jinyu, a Dafa practitioner, into visiting a district public security office for a conversation when the practitioner was home during his normal working schedule. It turned out he was immediately sent to an illegal "transformation class." During the "class," as he didn't want to passively accept the persecution, Xiao used an excuse and left. Later, he was arrested again. Sadistic police officers used cruel tortures on him including the "tiger bench." (a cruel method of torture in which people's legs are tied to a bench at the knees, and bricks are being continuously inserted underneath their feet. It could result in breaking the legs at the knee -- translator) When he was arrested for the 3rd time in Changchun, he was sentenced illegally to 2 years in a labor camp. In the labor camp, Xiao endured many tortures. He had scabs all over his body. A large area of his body was infected and bleeding with serous fluid and pus. When the wounds closed, the original color of the skin could no longer be seen. Even under these circumstances, the vicious guards intentionally beat on his wounds with hard objects such as wooden sticks and shoe soles. Unable to bear the pain, the hands and legs of the practitioner curled up. The guard claimed he was releasing the poison in his body for him. This guard has totally lost his humanity.

We hope that more practitioners can use their immensely powerful righteous thoughts to resist and suffocate the evil.

[Changchun, Jilin Province] Chaoyanggou Labor Camp Uses Convicted Inmates to Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners

Guards at the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp in Changchun, Jilin use convicted criminals to beat and curse at Falun Gong practitioners, and to force Dafa practitioners to go through "transformation."

Inmates didn't allow practitioners to sleep, and supplied them with limited amounts of drinking water. Whenever practitioners made any very slight mistakes during work, these convicts beat them up and cursed at them. These inhuman people also blackmailed, and took advantage of the kindness of Dafa practitioners by asking for money and property. Some practitioners slept on the floor even though they had scabies all over their bodies. Every day, these practitioners had to mop the floors many times. If they didn't do something the right way, they would be beaten up.

At the end of last year, Zhang Guohua, Jin Guolong, Su Hao, Zhu Yujun and others from the Sixth Team (all are convicted criminals) tortured Dafa practitioners, including Li Zhenduo, Wang Xiantao and Ma Koubo. These convicts forced the practitioners to slander Master. When they didn't comply, they got beaten up and cursed at. These violent people also hit practitioners' heads with flowerpots and mugs.

[Baishan, Jilin Province] Dafa Practitioners Forced to Work From 4 am to Midnight With Only 2 -- 3 Hours of Rest Every Day

Lou and Gao, among other practitioners in Baishan, were arrested and detained illegally by the police for going to Beijing to appeal. Their homes have been ransacked many times. The officers took away Dafa books and exercise cassettes by force. In January 2001, out of the fear that these practitioners would go to Beijing to appeal, the police illegally took them to Jiangyuan County Detention Center to perform forced labor. Working from 4 am to midnight with only 2 -- 3 hours of rest every day, they received inhumane treatment. These law-violating police officers also used other methods to torture practitioners. And then, when releasing the practitioners, they even fined them 1,000 Yuan (average monthly income for an urban worker in China is approx. 500 yuan) without issuing any receipt.

[Hefei, Anhui Province] Dafa Practitioner Persecuted by Ignorant Family Members

Zhu Weiying (female), a 49-year-old practitioner, was born in 1952 and holds a junior high school diploma. She was the deputy general manager of the Meishan Restaurant. She obtained the Fa in July 97. Zhang Jialiang, her husband, is the head of the Security Department for the Hefei Municipal Committee. Zhang Jun, her son, 25, is a driver working for the Industrial and Commercial Center. Zhang Li, her daughter, 23, is a broadcaster for the Hefei Municipal Committee.

Zhu Weiying went to Beijing to appeal on November 16, 1999. After she returned home, the three members of her family sent her to a mental hospital. At the beginning of March 2001, they sent her to the mental hospital for a second time. At that time, she was doing the exercises at home. Her son, her husband, her second sister and second sister's husband sent her to the mental hospital. Her husband beat her brutally. Stepping on her neck, he claimed he would stomp her to death, and said that if she continued to practice he would let her die in the hospital and would never come to get her.

[Fengcheng, Liaoning Province] Law Enforcement Authorities Illegally Fine Dafa Practitioners Large Amounts of Money

The total amount of illegal fines collected from Dafa practitioners by Fengcheng, Liaoning has reached 120,000 Yuan (Chinese dollars, the monthly salary of an averaged worker in cities of China is about 500 yuan). According to the Public Safety Laws of the People's Republic of China, those detained 15 days or less should only be fined up 200 yuan. The truth is that the people's law enforcement authorities violate the constitution and the laws. In addition, they have lost the people's hearts.

[Qingdao, Shandong Province] Female Practitioner Zhou Caixia Experiences Inhuman Physical and Mental Tortures

Zhou Caixia, female, a practitioner from Jiaozhou, city of Qingdao, was the main contact person in her area. She was forced to attend the illegal "transformation class" held at Zhangjiatun in Jiaozhou. Because she refused to be "transformed," police tied both her hands and hung her up for 5 days and 5 nights straight. She was not allowed to use the bathroom. Her pants were soaked with urine that dripped to the ground. The police officers at Jiaozhou have totally lost their humanity.

After July 20, 1999, Zhou Caixia was arrested illegally by the police at Jiaozhou for interrogation. She was deprived of sleep for 5 days and 5 nights. The police officers took turns interrogating her, seriously violating the rule that continuous questioning should not exceed 24 hours and questioning during detention should not last more than 48 hours. Later, Zhou was arrested again and detained for several months for organizing an experience-sharing event that was attended by a hundred practitioners. Before long, she was transferred to Jiaozhou Mental Hospital for nearly 6 months, and experienced severe mental and physical torture. She escaped in October 2000. From then on, she has lived in exile until her recent arrest.

[Jinan, Shandong Province] Dozens of Dafa Practitioners at the Jinan Women's Labor Camp Are Missing

Located on Jiangshuiquan Road in Jinan, the five teams at the Shandong Women's Labor Camp contained over 600 practitioners from all over Shandong province. Because practitioners have been sent to this location for "re-education" nonstop, the camp ran out of space. They released inmates convicted of prostitution, theft or fraud before the end of their sentences so that more room could be made available to hold Falun Gong practitioners. According to reliable information, dozens of practitioners who have refused to be transformed are missing. No one knows their whereabouts. Also, it has been heard that the lawless minions of Jiang Zemin rolled out a new policy recently, which calls for the secret sentencing of practitioners who refuse to be transformed to prisons located in Xinjiang and the Northwestern Region.

[Beijing] Evil Receives Evil Retribution: Harming Dafa is An Unpardonable Crime

Feng Shufen, a former assistant of a practice site located at Yanshan of the Fangshan District in Beijing had not been able to step forward and validate the Fa since July 20, 1999. In addition, she said stepping forward was getting involved in politics. Consequently, her remarks had a negative impact on a number of local practitioners. In April of this year, Feng was "transformed" at a "transformation class" set up by the evil forces. After she was transformed, she also assisted the evil forces in persuading and threatening other Falun Gong practitioners at subsequent "transformation classes." A new transformation class was held after May 1 in the Yanshan area. Shortly after Feng said a few words in the class on May 9, she started to get a headache. She was sent to a hospital where she died in the afternoon after emergency care. This is a true example of someone who returned kindness with vileness and attempted to damage Dafa, and who then received her retribution.