I am a Dafa practitioner from Hebei Province. Because I practice Falun Dafa, the police often come to my home and harass me. On the morning of April 10 (March 17 of the Chinese Calendar), when a fellow practitioner and I were making paper boxes, a village official burst into my house. He grabbed my cassette player and wanted to leave. We immediately stopped him. He left the cassette player, but without following any legal procedure, he took away the cassette, which had on it Teacher's new articles. We were able to record them from a broadcast on Falun Dafa World Radio. I went to his home and kindly told him: "If I did anything wrong, please tell me and I can personally remedy the mistake. But, intruding into someone's house and taking private property cannot be right." The village official said: "I am in charge of everything. Whatever the higher-ups tell me to do, I will do it. If Jiang Zemin asks me to kill people, I will. It is only a matter of staining my hands with a little blood!" Now these words have become a well-known saying in the whole village and have caused well-known indignation. I asked him: "What kind of official are you? What did you actually do with the 5,000 Yuan that you received from the county government for building the well for our drinking water?" Because I pointed out this sensitive issue, he retaliated by reporting me to the county police department.

Around noon of the same day, policemen Liu Fenghuai and Li Yongguang from the 4th middle team of the county police department arrived. Accompanied by a police dog, the village police station head and another 5 to 6 people burst into my home. Without a word, they started ransacking boxes and chests. They ordered me to surrender all Dafa books and tapes. I told them: "What you are doing is not right. You have not produced any legal documents! This is infringing upon human rights and freedom of speech!" My fellow practitioner said: "I'll call the village secretary." The police grabbed him by his clothes and did not let him go. I said: "I will let all the villagers know your vicious doings." 3 to 4 of them dragged each one of us out. I shouted: "Dear villagers, please come and help us! The police are illegally arresting people at my home." I shouted again and again. More and more villagers came. The police did not let me go and even let the police dog bite and wound me on my thigh. The village secretary came, after a woman called him. My 80-year old mother-in-law also came and caught hold of the policeman's hands. She said: "Are you going to let us survive?" Because of the pain from the bite, I squatted on the floor. Only then did they let go of my hands. I told them: "You are people's police, it is your responsibility to protect people. You did not let me go, even when the dog bit me. Look what the dog has done to my thigh..." Finally, they snuck away. I felt that I could not stay home any more. Thus, I told the villagers: "Each of you have seen how the police treated us. Do not believe the rumors on television. I do not leave because I don't want to take care of the elders and my two young daughters. It is because the police forced me to leave. If something happens to my family, the police are to blame. But, I will not commit suicide. Our Teacher said: 'It is a sin to commit suicide.'"

Now I have become destitute and homeless. I cannot go back to my home. They are

looking for me everywhere, and have even checked my friend's home. I sincerely appeal to the United Nations and all kind-hearted people to pay attention to the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners.

A Falun Dafa practitioner

April 2001