[Minghui Net] Li Mei's death was caused by the unspeakable tortures that she endured while detained in the Anhui Female Detention Center. The story of her unyielding belief in Falun Dafa, even while enduring severe persecution, brings tears to the eyes of fellow Falun Dafa practitioners. Her faith is regarded with great reverence.

The following are "snapshots" of her sufferings as recalled by a fellow practitioner who was held in the same detention center:

Case one: Around 11 p.m. one night in June 2000, inmates of the detention center were returning to their cells after a day's work. A guard, with the last name Lin, detained Li and handcuffed her to the window of a small room in such a manner that her arms and legs would be attacked by mosquitoes and other bugs. Even the inmate on duty that night found it difficult to look at her without cringing. Fortunately, in the middle of the night, Li's hands slipped out of the handcuffs.

Case two: A guard found Li doing the exercises and beat her fiercely. Not satisfied with battering and kicking her, the guard slammed Li' s head against the wall. The guard also tied her body into an agonizing position (The is a torture method that can cause great pain and injury). This type of torture is common in the detention center.

Case three: A guard with the last name Deng tried to force Li to state that she was a criminal. Li firmly refused, saying she was a Dafa practitioner instead. As a punishment, the guard pressed an electric baton against her mouth. Li endured the hardship, refusing to yield to the guard's unlawful abuse.

Case four: None of Li's family members were allowed to see her. Four months into the detention, her elder sister came to the detention center hoping that she could see Li. A guard said that he would refuse her request unless Li would slander Falun Dafa Teacher Li Hongzhi. She refused to comply with the guards demand. As a consequence Li's sister was not granted the visitation.

Tortures suffered by other practitioners in the Detention Center:

1. A practitioner was handcuffed because she insisted on practicing the Falun Dafa exercises. A guard locked one of her hands to a rail and pulled her other hand forcefully in the opposite direction. This caused her to scream in extreme pain.

2. Another practitioner who refused to be "reformed" [a person whose mind has gone awry due to the Jiang Zemin regime's brainwashing and/or torture] said, "I will cultivate Dafa and will not be swayed." A guard slapped her on the face more than 30 times. Next, guards cuffed her hands behind her back and lifted her whole body by holding the handcuffs. Only her toes were left touching the ground. When she was released from the lift, her lips had turned purple due to the ordeal. This type of torture occurred repeatedly for more than a month.

3. One practitioner did not eat for two days and was force-fed by the guard named Deng. Deng closed off her nose to force open her mouth. In addition, Deng used a can opener to pry her mouth open. Her mouth was seriously injured and became so swollen that she could not open it for a long time. As a result, her gums became infected and were covered by ulcers and pus.

4. Another practitioner who had been tied with a rope recited Teacher Li's poems. As punishment, dirty rags that had been used to clean toilets were stuffed into her mouth.

5. In the detention center, the guards said that Falun Dafa practitioners, unlike general criminals, constitute the biggest threat to the government and therefore should be kept under the strictest surveillance. Surveillance teams, also known as monitoring teams, consist of three to four inmates including one former practitioner who has been "reformed." Each team monitors a single practitioner 24 hours a day to ensure that she does not do the exercises or talk to other practitioners. If a practitioner wants to read or write something it has to be approved by a monitoring team. All writings must be submitted to the teams for examination.

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