A Miracle Happened with a New Practitioner

I am a new practitioner who obtained the Fa [law and principle] after the "April 25th" event [over 10, 000 practitioners appealed in front of Zhongnanhai-China's central government compound]. Though the "July 22" event [Chinese government started banning Falun Dafa in China] happened very soon, it did not affect my righteous belief in Dafa. Because my Tianmu [the third eye] was opened after reading Zhuan Falun only a couple of times, I could see and feel clearly the state of a variety of Gong [the energy] and the manifestation of their existence that Teacher mentioned in the book. Not long ago, I was arrested when I unfurled the Dafa (great law and universal principle) banner in Beijing. On the way back, the police handcuffed me to an iron pole in the sleeping berth on the train to prevent me from escaping. At that moment, I thought, I am a practitioner, you are an everyday person, it would be strange if I could be controlled by you! I will take my hands out. I tried to withdraw my hands gently from the handcuffs. I felt that my hands were as soft as a small ball of cotton and came out from the handcuffs. I deeply experienced the mystery of Dafa. Only when you safeguard the Fa with your pure heart and righteous thought, mysteries and wonders that you could not conceive can happen.

A Thought of a Practitioner from Northeast China

I am a practitioner from Northeast China. I had to wander about for a long time and could not go home to change my clothes because I refused to write the "Guarantee". [to stop practicing Falun Gong] It was getting warmer and warmer, how can I do the work for Dafa to offer help to people with such heavy winter clothes? Suddenly, I thought that it would be fine if it would be snowing tomorrow. Before I finish this work, I would have enough time to find a solution to change my clothes. The mystery happened: it began to snow heavily that night. My heart was shocked when I found the large snowfall the next morning: this is the power of righteous thought!

"Thank You Very Much."

A practitioner went to Beijing to verify Dafa. He was caught when he unfurled the banner in Tiananmen Square. Because he did not tell his name and address, he was detained several days in different places in Beijing. He went on a hunger strike during that period to protest Jiang Zemin's government inhumane actions. He was finally released unconditionally.

The local police station and the head of the district learned that this practitioner went to Beijing but did not tell his name and address under brutal beating and torture, they admired him very much. During a talk with this practitioner, the head of the district said: "You did so well that you did not leave your name and address when you safeguarded [Dafa] in Beijing. Otherwise I would be very miserable [be punished by my supervisor]. Thank you very much."

March 25, 2001